Winter Trek- What a Difference A Week Makes...

In almost complete contrast from wintry last week, today's adventure was breathtakingly beautiful.

Every week, I get to embark on a HEAVENLY SCENIC GONDOLA RIDE... "A 2.4 mile ride up the Heavenly Mountain Gondola will leave you breathless as you take in panoramic views of Lake Tahoe. On your way up, stop at The Observation Deck - a 14,000 square foot mid-station observation platform, located at 9,123 feet. Take in views of the Carson Valley, Desolation Wilderness and shore-to-shore views of Lake Tahoe. Ticket Prices: ADULT (18–64) $45 TEEN (13–17) $37 CHILD (5–12) $27 SENIOR (65+) $37 KIDS (4-UNDER) FREE"

Up above it all, one is totally reminded of what makes Lake Tahoe such a unique place, and sharing it with students who have never had this kind of experience, makes it that much more fun.  What a day!

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For Travel's Sake said...

This last pic is my favorite. It looks like a fun day. I am glad you are enjoying this season of winter trek and gondola riding.

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