Bruce in The USA at Harrah's...

We totally rocked the South Shore Room to the tunes of Bruce Springsteen. AWESOME.

Bruce In The USA is much more than just another tribute… This high-energy musical experience is "a note-perfect and visually accurate recreation of a Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band show."
Matt Ryan has performed the “Springsteen” character as a cast member of the “World Famous” Legends In Concert since the year 2000. For more than a decade, Matt has worked as a professional live performance artist in full scale production shows on the Las Vegas Strip and around the world. After years of perfecting his craft in thousands of shows, Matt has evolved the “Springsteen” character into the national touring show it has become today.

We all agree that this was a pretty awesome way to end the month!

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St. Baldrick's Going Bald to Eliminate Childhood Cancer...

My friend, Kel asked us to sponsor her as a shavee for St. Baldrick's. I was intrigued, said yes, and was asked to come and take photos of this monumental event.
How does shaving one's head help a child with cancer? Because kids with cancer often lose their hair during treatment, shavees for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation show their support by shaving their heads voluntarily, and inspiring friends and family to donate money to support childhood cancer research.

Okay, so we had to see what all of this was about. We entered the South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena and almost immediately we were enveloped in a spirit of festiveness. Hundreds of people were there to either be shaved (172 shavees) or to support those who were soon to be bald. For several hours we witnessed selflessness from people of various ages, from young children to older grandparents. Girls, and some men, with long enough hair, first cut their ponytails for "Locks of Love" before the baldness ensued.
I have never in my lifetime seen such an overwhelming show of support and community solidarity. I was actually moved to goosebumps and tears.
Bailey, a huge reason for this to be the 4th annual St. Baldrick's in South Lake Tahoe, was diagnosed with Stage IV Neurosblastoma at the age of nine months. He was not expected to see his first birthday, and here he was at almost 16, rallying an entire town to step up to help raise funds to eliminate childhood cancer.
Caitlyn was born with Neuroblastoma and is the other reason so much of the community was here in full force. The love for these children permeated the room and washed over us all.
Van Oleson generously donates the Ice Arena for this event every year. And not only that, he and his son shaved their heads. When you work in a frigid environment like an ice rink, that's a sacrifice.
Heavenly formed a team of 88 shavees. I was blown away by that immense commitment. I knew it was an awesome company and now I know it's because of its dedicated, caring employees.
Christy, Bailey's grandma, has been participating for the last ten years. She is an amazing woman and I'm so happy I was able to meet her.
Drs. David and Karen Borges are shavees every year!

Honestly, there are no words to express the emotions of this night. I experienced: sadness that every 3 seconds a child is diagnosed with cancer; appreciation that we live in a community whose members discard their concern for their appearance for the benefit of others and lastly, hopefulness that if one small town can make such a financial impact, there will be help for all the new cancer cases that arise in our future. What a gift it was to be in the presence of such giving. South Lake Tahoe continues to surprise and delight us, even after almost three years of living here.
Kel raised over $1,900 for the cause. Kudos to all the shavees, hair stylists, and everyone who made the night so successful (over $65,000 in donations and counting).

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Tahoe Chamber Turns 60...

To celebrate Tahoe Chamber's significant role in the South Shore community and this major milestone, they threw a special birthday BAHM! (Business After Hours Mixer) and we were there for the party.

Our table won the Tahoe Trivia game, due to some very knowledgeable 'old timers' who joined us. Hearing the history of our town was pretty impressive. And the food was exceptional. 
The only way to have a totally incredible night is to have it accompanied by Ike & Martin's musical magic. There is nothing that can lift a mood or solidify an unforgettable memory than the unique take on familiar tunes that Ike & Martin perform. Way to be awesome Chamber!

Tahoe Chamber has been taking care of business since 1955. Here's to the next 60!

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Daffodil Hill... Spring is Here

Nestled in the hills above the tiny town of Volcano, CA exists an oasis of yellow hues- Daffodil Hill, a ranch owned by the McLaughlin family since 1887. Due to the unseasonably warm weather, they have opened weeks ahead of normal and we were there to frolic in the flowers.

It is estimated that today, Daffodil Hill is carpeted with approximately 300,000 bulbs when in full bloom. We will have to return, another time, to see that cacophony of color.

Daffodil Hill is situated in a beautiful mountain setting in Amador County.  With pine trees, the original 1880’s barn, wagon wheels, gold rush era mining equipment and antique farming implements, it appeals to anyone with a love of nature and history. Flowers are everywhere as are the amazing peacocks.

The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy
places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size.
~Gertrude S. Wister

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Hard Rock Casino as Tourists...

Tuesdays are special at the Hard Rock for us 50+ Classic Rockers, so off we went for an afternoon of great deals and a whole lot of fun.

The title "Classic Rocker" is so much better than "senior".
We were hoping that when this new casino opened there would be something for us locals, and so far we're pretty impressed.
Two hours of free line dance lessons with our very talented instructor, Wayne, was the catalyst for getting us in the door.

Our Back Stage Pass (players card) encouraged us to stick around. We were given $10 of free slot play. Steve walked away with $35 which totally covered our Fish & Chips dinner special. Oh my gosh, we are getting older. But heck, who doesn't like a good deal and something for free. We're really liking our new local Hard Rock!
Bob and Jenny were having a staycation at the new The Landing Resort & Spa, so we went back to their terrace for wine and an amazing Tahoe sunset.
Yes, being a tourist in your own town definitely has its own rewards!

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Kids Come and Bring Snow!

We awoke to white! It's going to be a great ski day. Woo hoo.

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'Flat Denise' Friday Final...

As my last Flat Denise posting, I wanted to share my birthday with Brady in Cambodia. Her comments still make me laugh.

"I am so glad that we got to hang out on your birthday!!! We left Siem Reap, Cambodia around 8 this morning and headed straight for Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat has over 600 different temples. We could only visit a few (I think we saw 8 or 10) but you loved every minute of it. You were smiling from ear to ear!"
"We left Angkor around 3:30 in the afternoon. When we got back to the hotel in Siem Reap we rented bikes for a dollar. We immediately rode to Pub Street (a popular place for foreigners) and had a draft beer (0.50$/beer) and toasted to your birthday. From there we went to a Vietnamese restaurant on the second floor and had the best food EVER, with a great view."
"What a great birthday you had in Cambodia!! Thank you for spending the day with us. You made the looky-loos crack up all day."
I'm thankful for all the friends who shared their travels and life with me, while I was living in Italy for a year. I enjoyed everyone's efforts with 'Flat Denise'. It made me feel connected to them. What an adventure.

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A Brief History of Underwear...

I am a member of the Alpine County Historical Society and in this month's newsletter, their scheduled Quarterly Meeting & Potluck topic was too inciting to miss: How undergarment style has shaped and changed throughout history.

Jan and Chris were totally up for learning about underwear! We began in the darling town of Markleeville for drinks at the Cutthroat Saloon (1862). Drinking in history is always fun.
The presenter was Jan Loverin, the curator of the Marjorie Russell Clothing and Textile Research Center in Carson City. She was a wealth of knowledge and shared in a very entertaining and informative way.
According to Jan, "Dress embodies humanity and it's worthwhile to have a framework to understand that." The use and style of underwear say much about our history and we left knowing way more about this topic than we ever thought possible!

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