Our very busy Tuesday...

Ending Leslie's visit in style!

Emerald Bay, with its Vikingsholm Castle , is one of our favorite spots in Tahoe and since today was our volunteer day, we took Leslie with us.
Lora Knight, the owner of Vikingsholm, forbade any tree removal so some of Tahoe's oldest trees are here.  There are several lightning damaged trees to hide within.
While a rodent, the chipmunks here are very entertaining to watch.
Pinus jeffreyi is a wonderful pine whose bark smells of vanilla or butterscotch.
A hike to Eagle Falls was part of our day by the Bay.
We concluded the day with the three of us volunteering at Valhalla's Grand Hall for a concert by The Steve Walker Band.
The Band had everyone on their feet, including us.  Way fun!
I'm pretty certain that Leslie experienced as much of the Tahoe Magic as possible in the time she had here.   It's good to share and spend time with friends...and dance!

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Colors of the Farmer's Market...

I will never tire of the beauty found amongst the stalls!

"By shopping at a farmers market, you support local agriculture, which has a great many benefits. You keep farmers in your community. You keep land from being sprawled with houses and shopping centers. You have the experience of shopping in the farmers market, which is the new public square. You support a lot of values when you shop at the farmers market." -Michael Pollan

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Our trash, post-bear!

So much for "critter proof" trash cans.  This morning our garbage, and most in our neighborhood, was scavenged by a bear.  Interestingly, I have a difficult time getting the locking lids off these cans so I am rather impressed by this black bear (there is a huge tooth hole in the lid and can where he opened it).  Our neighbor said it happened at midnight and I'm sorry I missed it.

Black bears are on a day-long search for food. They follow their noses to seek out easy pickings. Humans have a responsibility to eliminate unnatural foods. Bears are opportunistic foragers and will continue to return to a location where food remains available. When the food is removed, the bears will eventually move on.

Needless-to-say, this will not happen again.  We are now very bear aware!

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A Movie and beach time...

We began our day seeing Disney's new movie Brave.  What a wonderful two hours.  We really enjoyed its message and imagery.

After strolling the shops and having a coffee on the patio, we headed to the Lake to put our toes in the warm sand.  Another delightful day with Leslie.

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Our Sunday...part 2

We explored more of the Tallac Historic Site with a visit to the Pope Estate...

Last stop for the day was Taylor Creek and it's amazing Stream Profile Chamber, located 1/4 mile down the Rainbow Trail, which provides a view of the stream environment allowing us to study a diverted section of the creek through a panel of incredible aquarium-like windows
The Taylor Creek Visitor Center is located only a few miles from our cabin and is the hub where four fascinating self-guided trails start.  We only had time for one, leaving us more to explore!

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Wa She Shu It’ Deh Native American Arts Festival

This festival is held each year to increase the awareness of, and appreciation for, traditional and contemporary Native American art forms through exhibits, demonstrations and live performances.  We were eager to experience this unique event.
Sage Romero asked for volunteers to teach them the Hoop Dance.  When no children spoke up, I volunteered.  One of the things I loved about this opportunity was learning how truly difficult this dance is and how important it is to the Native culture.
I felt a great deal of spirituality here and gained more knowledge about these native people.  What a powerful day!

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Lake Tahoe Living History Day

We have been anticipating this event since we heard about it in April.  Lake Tahoe Living History Day happens just once a year and we are so excited to finally be there. 

The public is invited to spend the entire day at Sugar Pine Point State Park, enjoying the gracious lifestyle that wealthy residents and their guests once experienced at their summer retreats on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. Park visitors will be treated like guests of the late Florence and Sydney Ehrman, with many entertaining activities – concerts, historical talks,  painting with artists-in-residence and guided tours, all of them free.

The Hellman-Ehrman Mansion, Pine Lodge, was completed in 1903 and was considered to be one of the finest homes in the high Sierra.  The family spent 60 summers here and we delighted in being 'guests' for the morning.
These dapper gentlemen said that I was a "rose between two thorns".  I protested the comment and loved their attire.  All the volunteers were dressed for the 1930's period.
The car collection, assembled on the large lawn was very impressive.
We attended an interesting lecture given by Carol Van Etten about boating on the Lake pre-1925.  She really knew her stuff and we learned a great deal about marine miscellany.
Can't you just see the picnics and frolicking that must have happened over the decades.  Steve is looking at the Lake (just behind me).
Learning history in such a spectacular setting was an idyllic way to pass a Saturday.  Just another in the growing list of "Why we love Tahoe".

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Hitching a ride home...

From Temecula, after three hours of driving north on 395, SR14 (the road from Tehachapi) connects at this convenient 'middle of nowhere' stop.  This is where my college friend, Leslie and I met up today.  We thought her first drive to Tahoe might be easier with company so we said goodbye to Steve and spent the next seven hours trying to get caught up a bit.  It will be a fun few days of friendship.

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The Theater with Joel & Terry...

This was our first chance ever to see "Fiddler on the Roof" and we were not disappointed.

"Watching talented actors inhabit the world of the stage; sharing picnics on the grass and family gatherings under the stars; hearing glorious music on soft summer evenings; introducing your children to the wonders of live theater; meeting summer friends year after year in the magnificent natural setting of the Amphitheatre; and eagerly applauding every performance...These are memories to celebrate!"  We can't wait to return!
The theater was hidden as we walked towards it.  Then after going around a corner, it appears.  It was magical.  We all knew something great was about to begin.
Sitting under the celestial stars in the sky was almost distracting from the theatrical stars on stage.  The venue was ideal for a summer night.  The story was informative and uplifting.  It was a very magical night!
Villager: An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.
Tevye: Very good. That way the whole world will be blind and toothless.

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