Salmon Spawn, Castle Gone...

On our sightseeing drive around the Lake, we stopped at Taylor Creek for some wishful thinking.  Two days ago we were there and there wasn't a fish to be found. Today was a whole different story!  Just a warning- over the next week, there will be a lot of talk here about this special place and this spawning phenomenon.

Each autumn, from late September through mid-October, mature Kokanee salmon (Oncorhyncus nerka), transform from a silver-blue color to a fiery vermilion, and run up our local creek.  Everyone comes out to see this spectacle.  As the season progresses, the images become more dramatic- hence the multiple visits to the creek.
As spawning season approaches the fish acquire a humpback and protuberant jaw making some pretty interesting looking fish.  The Stream Profile Chamber allows an up close look.
I love this photo of a duck's derrière.
There was something artistic about this recent beaver effort.
Mark and Carol had never hiked down to Emerald Bay.  Today was the last day of summer tours of the Vikingsholm Castle so we really planned our itinerary well.  This is a must see for anyone coming to Lake Tahoe.
Lora J. Small married James Moore (1852- 1916), who had controlling interest in such companies as National Biscuit, Continental Can, Diamond Match, Union Pacific, and Rock Island Railroad.  After Moore died, Lora later married, family friend, Harry French Knight.  It was after this union dissolved that Mrs. Knight created Vikingsholm.
Typically, I just enjoy the exterior of this lovely home, but today, I took the tour.
I was surprised to learn that this "museum" wasn't posted to the National Register of Historic Places until 1996.  It is completely original and truly worthy of landmark status.
A Fall profusion of color is filling our Tahoe days while the temperatures are hinting at winter.  From Aspens to fish, the hues are delighting us so!

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Placerville's Antique Street Faire...

Ah - Autumn in the Foothills!  What a great time to celebrate the bounty of treasures on Historic Main Street!  It was Robert's suggestion to hang in "Hangtown" and we agreed.
I know I had this Barbie case when I was a child.  I loved it so.
There was something for everyone.  These ocular prosthetics were the most unique find.
To stroll the streets of this very historic town (by 1854, Hangtown had become the third largest town in California), to peruse the various booths that were more museum than stall, and to enjoy the crisp, gorgeous Fall day- all made it an idyllic way to spend our Sunday.

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Our First Senior Dance...

We have a very lively Senior Center which hosts a monthly dance.  With guests in town, we thought this might be a groovy way to spend a happening Friday night- we weren't wrong.

The Tahoe Dance Band, a talented group of 17 musicians, entertained us..."In the mood for the stylings of Sinatra, Count Basie, Glenn Miller, and that good ol' big band sound?  You've found your guys and two gals!"
Carol's brother, Gary, and his wife, Mel, came up from Gardnerville to join in the week of fabulousness.  Tonight was a nice 'kick off'.  Here's to being tourists in Tahoe!

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SeptOberfest...Partying German-style!

Just when we think we've done it all, we get invited to the Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra's 11th annual SeptOberfest by Jenny and Bob.

Our first stop was in Tahoe Tyrol, a private community of 116 Tyrolean chalet style homes which Steve discovered and thought would be ideal for us to frolic in for photos.
The evening was more than just fun.  Proceeds benefit local children’s organizations throughout the year.  Last year, SeptOberfest raised about $16,000- wow.
The event featured a variety of activities, including a stein-holding contest, wine tasting, dancing and an awesome silent auction.  Yet surprisingly, few guests in lederhosen.
I have to mention the food.  It was exceptional.  Three different kinds of wurst, potato pancakes, spaetzle and so much more!
The night would not have been complete without the boys with some fraeleins!
Alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei.
Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.

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A Fallen Leaf Lake Morning...

There had been a threat of snow for today but when we awoke to glorious sunshine, we knew a drive was in order.  Mark and Carol were on board so off we went to Fallen Leaf Lake.

Beginning in 1898, the Price and Craven families operated two facilities at Fallen Leaf Lake: the Fallen Leaf Lodge and the Housekeeping Camp.  It's amazing to think of the life here then.
The mother-in-law of John Steinbeck’s college friend owned a lodge and family camp on the wooded shore of the Lake. In the summer of 1925, Steinbeck stayed here and helped perform maintenance work on the cabins and grounds.  I find that so interesting.
After lunch at the marina, we visited Lily Lake, a small but picturesque Alpine lake worthy of a visit and some oohs and ahs. 
 “Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake."
-Wallace Stevens

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Mark & Carol Visit Tahoe...

We have traveled to some amazing places with these friends from Temecula.  We are so happy they have come to visit us in our hometown.

Dinner at Base Camp Pizza (a new favorite), followed by several rounds of
Pinochle and reminiscing made for a really delightful evening!

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The Crazy Club Gets its Start ... a reading!

As the first Fall Program for the Friends of the Library, we had the children's book The Crazy Club Gets its Start read by its authors, Christie Rassuchine (Higman) and Robyn Lindner.

What makes this book series so special is that Christie and Robyn are Lake Tahoe locals and they met in kindergarten.  They base The Crazy Club on their own real club they had in elementary school.  Its nine members are characters in the books.
They read aloud their story about a group of kids that deals with bullying, acceptance, and what it feels like to be the new kid at school.
The tale kept all of us on the edge of our seats.  Afterward great questions were asked and everyone had a lot of fun.
I had to include this photo.  This gentleman was Robyn's 5th grade teacher.  How sweet is it that he came to her reading?  In addition, he expressed to me how very proud he is of her.
This is a club we should all join.  I especially love rule #1:  Always be crazy!

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FALL has arrived...

Those of us who live amongst the pines know the true definition of FALLIt isn't the season change marking the transition from summer into winter, it's the relentless 'falling' of pine needles, burying the lawn and pine cones, pelting us from above.

I welcomed the new season as I raked up six huge bags of pine needles, awaiting tomorrow's pick up.  It was an ideal time to be outdoors.
Wednesday would have not been such a great day. Its forecast...
Chance of Snow 45 | 30 °F
Chance of Snow
30% chance of precipitation

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Flashback 2009 Our Baby Goes to College!

In December, we will attend our final college graduation ceremony.  Right now, I'm reminiscing and wondering where the four years went.  The photos and captions below are from drop off day!

As we drove to campus, we had to pass these parties.  People walked up to the car to see our 'Wowie'.  The freshman are called that because of the Week of Welcome, seven days of orientation.  Some parents were appalled at this sight, we thought it was hilarious. 

There was something for everyone.  That #10 Hottie is for me... Steve said I could have totally been a cougar this weekend!!!
For me, the joviality of it all made it a little less painful saying goodbye.  Flash forward to 2013, that baby has become a man and we are so very proud of him.  Let the future begin!

The quality of a university is measured more
by the kind of student it turns out
than the kind it takes in.
~Robert J. Kibbee

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Dangberg Jubilee- A Must See!

Is there a better place to spend a Sunday afternoon than at a concert, under a brilliant blue sky, in a very historical setting, surrounded by friends? I would have to say, "Not Possible".

The Dangberg Home Ranch began in 1857 when German immigrant Heinrich Friedrich Dangberg started a new life in Nevada.  Each year they host a music festival which, after last year, we promised to always attend.
This was first for Bob, Jenny, Kathy and Adele and we're pretty certain they're hooked.
Our favorite, of the three bands, was Notch 8.  This fun, talented group played a wide variety of music including many of singer/guitarist James Wilsey's original compositions, and covered songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Their style could be referred to as "Americana", contemporary music that incorporates elements of various American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, and folk.  All I know is it made us want to dance.
Dancing amongst history!
An appropriate event for summer's finale!

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