Halloween Cove...

This spooktacular family event, sponsored by KTHO Radio-AM 590/96.1 FM and the Beach Retreat & Lodge, really made it feel like Halloween.

Same costumes, way different crowd.
There was so much to do.  Even Douglas Co. Fire was there to teach children how to use fire extinguishers.  I have always wanted to do this, so what an opportunity.
Free S'mores!!!  Yum.
Kindred Spirits?
The Costumes ranged from scary to precious... but mostly adorable was the adjective of the night.
Bob and Jenny manned one of the rooms.  Would you take candy from this man?  Audible screams were heard when he wished little girls "Happy Halloween".
Jesse Kalin, a 'rock god' in these parts, entertained the adults.  When Steve and I were the only dancers, DJ Charlee announced, "Look at Steve and Denise Haerr... They're dancing like they just don't care!"  Totally made us laugh.
Children 'trick or treated' from room to room.  Each stop was sponsored and decorated by a local business.  The little ghouls had a safe environment in which to roam and the parents had some adult fun as well.
Without little ones around, you forget the magic that Halloween can be.  Tonight we were reminded.

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January 1982-My First Visit to Tahoe

Almost exactly 32 years ago, I came to Tahoe for the very first time!

My boyfriend, at that time, was a big skier and had a friend who lived here.  A 24-hour snowfall of 67 inches set a new California record, and he wanted to be in it.  I was a novice to the sport...
Last run of the last day on Heavenly, I swooshed right and my left ski chose not to follow the rest of me!  The result was a spiral fracture and a "broken bone club" membership!
I was well cared for during my extended stay at Barton Memorial.  It was an event I will never forget and not the best introduction to Tahoe, but an interesting walk down memory lane.

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Disobedient Dog...

This is Jenny's granddog Charley... You know exactly what she is up to.  Made me laugh.

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First Snow of the Season...

There is nothing more magical than going to bed after a glorious day of sunshine and then awakening to the soft, quiet of a world blanketed in snow.
“Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night
will always fill my heart with sweet clarity.”
-Novala Takemoto

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35th Annual Freakers Ball ...Freaking AWESOME

Bob, Jenny, me and Steve all won tickets to attend this famous event described as Lake Tahoe’s “bawdiest, boldest, weirdest costume soiree.”

How fun that Bob chose this extravaganza as the way to celebrate his birthday.  Our expectations were far exceeded!
I took this photo for Steve's mom.  She loves to put shower scrunchies on the back of her cars so she can find them in parking lots.  These ladies were a group of wonderful nylon netting!
This puppet master and his marionette were exceptional.
What costume party would be complete without the Wizard of Oz represented.  Doesn't Bob make a great Wicked Witch of the West?  The Oompa Loompa made everyone sing when he went by.
There was certainly something for everyone there!
Elliott and E.T. brought back 1982 for many of us who were old enough to remember.
Disney was represented in many ways but these two were my favorites!
This guy was our busboy from our dinner out.  People loved the sumo suit.  Steve got fondled more in this one night than in his entire life.  Chest bumps were a frequent occurrence too.
Huge thanks go out to Charlee, the DJ from KTHO 96.1 FM for giving us this incredible opportunity and to Bob & Jenny for being the catalyst of an unforgettable fĂȘte.  There are so many more photos I would have liked to include:  body paints, peeling flesh, propeller adorned nipples, etc. but I will leave those to your imagination.

Dave Davis, director of food, beverage and entertainment for MontBleu proclaimed, “If you can only go out one night a year in Lake Tahoe, this would be the night and the event to attend."  Man after experiencing this, I would have to agree with him, wholeheartedly.  AWESOME.

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Bear Success- 5th Time's a Charm...

At 6:30 AM (and 27°) we gathered Bob & Jenny and headed to Taylor Creek.  After last night's encountered, I was pretty high on bears and wanted more.

We spent an hour traversing all the areas the bear should be with no luck.
As we were heading to our last ditch effort location, I saw this little guy scratching himself on the pole in a distant field.
When he left, we headed back to the bridge, overlooking the beaver dam and waited.  Our patience paid off...
Bear 1 was content to play in the creek until very aggressive Bear 2 chased him away.  It was quite interesting to watch and over before we knew it.
Breakfast was at Bob & Jenny's and truly delicious!  It was the best way to end a fabulous morning!

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Best Bear Sighting EVER...No Camera!

I walked out of a meeting at a friend's house and almost stepped on a black Momma Bear.  All of us were in awe.  She was just three feet from me, with no care in the world.  She sauntered across the street and up into a Crabapple tree.  A couple minutes later, her cinnamon colored baby followed.

I called Bob.  He came over and we chased the bears down the street together.  While these are not the best photos, they will help me remember this incredibly exciting sighting.  Oh, what you can't see are the two guys in the tennis court who we warned not to come out.  One said, "I feel like I'm in the zoo on the wrong side of the cage".  Indescribably AWESOME.

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Bad School Photo...

Ellen's show has a segment about terrible school photos.  Since they can't get much worse than my 2nd grade fiasco, I sent mine in.  I discovered some great photographs, the last time we were south, and this one made me laugh out loud.  I've come a long way... I hope.  I've shown you mine, now let me see yours!

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Howie, Twain & Me...

For my third visit to KRLT 93.9 Radio, I had the pleasure of sharing the mic with McAvoy Layne, Mark Twain, as a promotion for our library's "A Toast to Twain" fundraiser.


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"Why I Farm..."

Third-generation farmer Gary Romano, author of Why I Farm:  Risking it All for Life on the Land, was a much anticipated guest in our Friends of the Library Program series.

Gary shared his interesting Italian immigrant family tale before engaging us with the complexities, difficulties and rewards of small farming in the 21st century.  I have a whole new appreciation for these hardworking, endangered people and I can't wait to read the book and learn even more.

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Fall on 395 Once More...

Colors captivate and the ones along 395 made the 9+ hour drive spectacular.

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