Jenny's Bear Story...

Jenny and Bob are living in an edition of National Geographic. They have the most amazing animal sightings and they love to share their tales and the photos.

From Jenny: 
We just finished dinner and the doorbell rang.  The man who lives across the water from us wanted to let us know a bear was on our porch below.  Bob brought the birdseed in right away and then we went out for photos. 
Needed to yell at it after seeing it pull up a board covering someone's crawlspace and then climb up onto a car.  Whoops. 
Bad bear. 

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Geology of the Tahoe Rim Trail...

Dave Schnake, Vice President of Trail Operations, gave his standing-room-only audience a very thorough explanation of the various geological phenomenon in our area and then guided us around the Tahoe Rim Trail.
Through his descriptions and slides, we discovered the amazing variety of geology found right here in the Tahoe Basin.

Dave taught us about the enormous geologic forces that led to the formation of Lake Tahoe and, like all TRTA presentations, I am so motivated to get out on the Trail. What an informative and interesting topic.

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Rocking Chairs & Bombs

Our friends were hosting a Garage Sale for a house they recently purchased- full of the previous occupant's 'treasures'. While cleaning out the cellar, they found a large mortar (bazooka shell). Steve saw it sitting there and all agreed the police should be called. This is the follow up:

Yes, the round was/is live ~ it was taken to Naval Air Station Fallon to be blown up. I had only my cell phone, which isn't very good for this, as my camera was trapped in the house.  They'd only give us a minute to get our dog, Lily, out. We didn't even get the car, so we were stuck sitting around, a block away for most of the time.  Oh well.  I wish I had gotten a photo of the huge Douglas Co. bomb squad truck. 
It did not make for a great garage sale but it's an interesting story to tell and we got a perfect rocking chair.

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Sunday in South Shore...

Yesterday's late season snow caused the South Tahoe Little League's opening ceremonies to be delayed one week but it did not stop these intrepid teams who wanted to play today.

Players were shoveling and dads had dusted off their snow blowers. Play ball!
Tom and Odile have started a tradition of stopping by on their way south from Seattle. Fish & Chips at the Boathouse Restaurant was idyllic. Catching up, with incredible Lake views, was a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

We then drove around the Lake, hunting Sugar Pine. The trees are laden with beautiful treasures but few have fallen. After a big search, we did discover some dropped cones so it was deemed a success. Just another perfect day in Tahoe.

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Bear in Bijou Pines...

There are several happenings that signal "Spring" in Tahoe, one of which happened at 8 AM today.

While looking out the kitchen window, this little guy ran by, over the fence and up a tree. I love bears!

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Snowshoeing in late April...

When life gives you snow, you go snowshoeing! After waking to a winter wonderland, we headed to Castle Rock for a spur-of-the-moment powdery adventure with Bob and Jenny.

We are so thankful for the snow and so blown away by its beauty. It never ceases to take my breath away. What a difference a day makes! 

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World T'ai Chi & Qigong Day

The Library hosted a very special event and we were a part of healing history.

At 10 AM, worldwide, people in hundreds of cities, spanning 80 nations, came together for healthier bodies. This was all a first for me. I love a morning where I learn something new.
Qigong originated in China over 3,000 years ago. Qi means life force energy and Gong means work. Qigong means working with life force energy. Qigong’s flowing movements mimic the movements of nature, especially the fluidity of water.
Our sifu, Eileen, was a calming force. We thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. All Qigong practices use mindful movement as the vehicle for attaining energy and a sense of well being. My favorite was Cloud Hands, a powerful tool for relaxing.
Stillness and action are relative, not absolute, principles.
It is important to find a balance of yin and yang,
not just in qigong, but in everyday life.
In movement, seek stillness and rest.
In rest, be mindful and attentive.
~Ken Cohen

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Hiking in Four Seasons...

Maybe not four seasons, but pretty close. As Chris, Jan, Steve and I hiked from Eagle Point Campground to Emerald Bay, we experienced a variety of weather (snow, rain, wind, sun), which made for a more interesting excursion.

The view of Vikingsholm Castle is pretty impressive from above.
Steve and I had just commented that we hadn't seen any Snow Plants yet and here they were.
We have been in many woods, yet this was the first time I had seen this sign.
Hmm, Spring was in the air! ♪♫ Birds do it...♪♫
We discovered this mangled Ford Truck wreckage, strewn all over the hillside. Located several hundred feet below the highway, I was intrigued. Could it be here from the 1982 Emerald Bay Avalanche? The destruction was of that magnitude. Eerie.

Eagle Falls were powerfully beautiful!
After a picnic at the Bay, we strolled Taylor Creek with hopes of discovering a beaver. We had no luck but we did see Bob and Jenny and delighted in the spectacular scenery.

It is always so satisfying to be out in Nature and it's even more magical when it's Tahoe's Nature we're exploring.

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Poop Happened...Trip Delayed

Sharing our current paranoia... I mean plans. It is with a heavy heart that we must postpone our highly anticipated RV trip. We picked up our trailer Sunday and it was full of mouse evidence. Upon further unloading, we found a great deal of it.

Why do we need to postpone? We are concerned with Hantavirus (which can be fatal). People become infected through contact with hantavirus-infected rodents or their urine and droppings and it is very ill advised to live in tight quarters with critter "stuff". We don't want to jeopardize our health so we are waiting the required amount of time before feeling comfortable being in the RV. Always better safe than sorry. In addition, there is a great deal of disinfecting and laundering to be done- precautions to guarantee we stay well. Wish us luck!

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Fern's Scrabble® Birthday Lunch...

Celebrating someone's #88 is a pretty special event. It's even more special when the birthday girl creates a delicious lunch.

Our meal was followed by two rounds of Scrabble® with each of us winning once.

Fern's gift, from me, was this super cute book I made for her. In addition, I found an awesome set of Scrabble® stickers which she loved as I knew she would. We have so much in common. While we played, a thunderstorm occurred... all the makings of a perfect afternoon.

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Bowling Monday Madness...

Our favorite Monday night event is walking to our local bowling alley with Linda and Casey.

Steve totally blew us away with his awesome 196+ point game. Thankfully none of us were competitive! Bowling is fun in your SPARE time.

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Celebrating Len... A Great Guy!

I love a surprise party. Cyndy pulled off this intimate gathering for Len's #72. What fun!

To wish you joy on your birthday
And all the whole year through,
For all the best that life can hold
Is none too good for you.

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