Petty Theft ROCKED...

When we saw there was a free show at the Hard Rock we were so on it. Especially since it was San Francisco’s ultimate tribute to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Petty Theft delivers Tom Petty’s songs true to the originals and in the spirit of his legendary band’s live shows, performing everything from his most revered classics to his most current hits.

 If I never get to see the actual Tom Petty, this was a pretty sweet substitute.

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A Magical Night With Helen Smith at Vikingsholm Castle...

I have shared the story of Helen Henry Smith in a previous post and after our amazing evening, I just had to do it again.

Join us for a special evening at Emerald Bay State Park and the incomparable Vikingsholm Mansion. Following a Unique “behind the scenes” tour, guests will enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres in the courtyard of Vikingsholm. Helen Smith will host an informal conversation about her experiences spending 14 summers at Vikingsholm as a guest of Lora Knight, the owner.
There really isn't an accurate way to describe this evening. The most used adjective was magical. Maybe it was volunteering with friends, working alongside making everything  go smoothly. Maybe it was the audience, so engaged and eager to learn more. Maybe it was the warm summer breezes, gently flowing through the historic courtyard. But magical it was. Helen Henry Smith shared with us vivid memories of her summers delighting in Vikingsholm. She told of youthful evenings when, after Lora Knight excused her from the dinner table, she would explore the quietness of Emerald Bay wrapped in safety. She spoke of enviable events that left me longing for her long ago life.

Through her tales, all of us gathered there were shown a brief glimpse into a charmed life. Helen gave a gift of her history. And that gift was truly magical.

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An Evening with Author Todd Borg...

I became a fan of this mystery writer before we ever moved to Tahoe. I have described Todd's books as being, "the best guidebooks for Tahoe if there weren't murders in them."

It was standing room only with an audience full of devoted fans.
Tahoe Blue Fire, the 13th Owen McKenna Tahoe Mystery, is about former pro football player Adam Simms who is suffering Traumatic Brain Injury from his days on the gridiron. When Simms becomes the prime suspect in a series of brutal murders in Tahoe, Detective Owen McKenna can’t tell if Simms is being framed or if he is a diabolical killer who is faking brain injury...
Sounds like a perfect beach read to me.

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The Library Lady on KRLT Radio...

Our morning personality, Howie Nave (93.9 fm), is a huge supporter of the library and when we have something to promote, he invites me into his studio for Working Women's Wednesday. It is a crazy, fun way to start the day.

The radio version of my interview was far better than Steve's video, but here's your chance to see how it went and learn more about A Toast to Die For: An Evening of Mystery at the Library.

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Ladies' Day at the Farmers' Market

Jackie is in town for a month so we gathered Betty and headed out for a morning of shopping, delighting, and fabulous camaraderie.

All senses are satisfied at a Farmers' Market. What a perfect way to start one's day!

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Hiking Squaw at 8200'+

Travelzoo has an amazing 2-for-1 deal for the tram at Squaw ($39) so that's where we were today.

We were transported to High Camp (el. 8200') from where, after a picnic lunch, we ventured upwards.

Wildflowers lined our path. They were a welcomed addition to the breathtaking views.

We meandered over 5 miles delighting in all Squaw had to offer.
We concluded our mountain tour at the Olympic Museum. Squaw was home to the 1960 Winter Games so there is much history to learn.

We even saw a Yellow-bellied Marmot, the largest member of the ground hog family. Wild.
We ended the day in The Village at Squaw Valley on the patio of our favorite pub. What fun it was to discover/explore/experience something new.

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Dangberg Ranch Melodrama...

I love 'small town' anythings and tonight's production fit that bill. Titled Battle of the Towns; or, Are You a Mindenite or a Gardnervillian?, this play was so hometown and a successful fundraiser for this historic ranch.

Mel·o·dra·ma (noun) a sensational dramatic piece with exaggerated characters and exciting events intended to appeal to the emotions.
This was an evening of history mixed with camp and a whole lot of fun.

The Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Parks is one of our favorite places to hang. This was our first opportunity to witness the Melodrama phenomenon. What a great way to spend our evening being entertain with a fun history lesson.

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A Party on the V & T Train...

Embracing the 'presence vs presents' ideology, we all gathered in Carson City for the V & T's Toast of the Canyon Wine Tasting Train. The boys and their gals wanted to celebrate Grandma's birthday in style.

Enjoy wine and appetizers as you travel on a 45-minute trip south of the Carson City Depot into the Carson River Canyon. Glimpse a part of the route not seen every day. The track winds past scenic views of the river and the canyon walls. Bring your cameras, as there will be opportunities to photograph the "Iron Horse" as it steams by the passenger cars to re-attach to the train to pull it back up out of the canyon. Listen as the engineer blows the whistle and the echoes bounce off the canyon walls.
How awesome to party in history in car No. 101, the ex-Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad coach, built by the Pullman Company in 1914.

A plethora of sounds were heard, from the piercing note of a horn, to the roar of the engine, to the click-clack of the wheels on the joints in the rail to the squeal of steel wheel on steel rail, there were numerous sounds heard, most importantly- all of us laughing.

“I like trains. I like their rhythm,
and I like the freedom of being suspended between two places,
all anxieties of purpose taken care of:
for this moment I know where I am going.”
― Anna Funder

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Reggae at the Lake...

The Live at Lakeview Commons is a gathering place for friends. Rocking to Reggae is a very big part of the summer music series.

The Roosters are a group that is pushing the boundaries of Reggae music to new horizons. With their unique blend of roots, rock, dub, blues and soul, they have created a unique sound sure to please the masses.

And as the sun sets, the view gets even more magical. Thursdays are meant for this.

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Pints & Paddles with Ike & Martin...

Steve's pre-Denise friend, Steve, was in town with family so we planned the perfect meet up on the Tahoe Paradise for a raucous night of music and friends.

 This night exemplified SUMMER for me.

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