The 3rd of July at Lee & Margaret's

A backyard hangout just screams "Summer". Dining with these friends was an audible proclamation that the season of fun has begun!

Cornhole anyone?
Our wine was compliments of David and Karen's June visit.
Dessert was provided my Fern. Cherry pie- oh my!
The jean story is a funny one. These are Lee's Levi's from 1970. They adorned a stuffed lion, and come out every 4th as a decoration. I loved them and promptly put them on. They are like brand new. We may have created a new party game: Who can get into Lee's jeans with Margaret watching? Hysterical. After getting home, I found a pair on sale on ebay described as, "Vintage LEVIS Big E American Flag Jeans 60'S Mens Womans Unisex" and were for sale for $100 (the unisex distinction made me feel better that they fit so well).
Tonight's pre-4th celebration was a ideal kickoff for Independence Day 2015. Let the fireworks begin.

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