Being Appreciated in Rock Tahoe Style...

We have loved every aspect of volunteering for the Rock Tahoe Marathon from the great communication to this evening of gratitude for the volunteers. 

Sean, Jason and Jessie were our awesome leaders that made all the hard work so worth it.
The meal was exceptional. The Beach Retreat really went all out. I'm still drooling over the halibut topped with blue cheese and walnuts. YUM.
We watched an incredible soon to be released promotional video that was an overview of the race and then the team leaders walked around the room, thanking each and everyone of us personally. Needless-to-say, we're booked to volunteer next year! What a total rewarding blast this entire event has been.
We ended our fantastic evening walking home along the lakeshore. Our crazy weather is producing some memorable sunsets. Wow, what a night!

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