The Welcome to Vegas Sign...

No trip to Vegas is complete without a photo op in front of this amazing sign. We learned its history at the Neon Museum.

Betty Whitehead Willis (1923-2015) was the designer of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” and many others seen at the Neon Museum. She began her career drawing showgirls in newspaper ads and eventually got a job at Young Electric Sign Company.
The famous, 25-foot-tall sign, completed in 1959, was sold to Clark County for $4,000. Betty Willis never trademarked the sign’s design, making it free to use on every imaginable kind of merchandise. She considered the sign a gift to the city. Everytime we see this sign, we too think of it as a gift. What a lasting legacy.
Leaving Las Vegas. It's been a trip!

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Unknown said...

How interesting because that sign is such an icon. Love learning that, you are a wealth of information. We live to see and hear these bits of info from you all our dear friends.

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