We've got a Mailbox...

For most, this isn't such exciting news, but here in Tahoe, mail delivery and pick up at your home is not a given.

While we prefer our deliveries to be at our post office box, there are certain items that must come to a home address. In addition, I love that Mailman Mark can now pick up my daily sending of letters and cards.

Mailboxes in Tahoe have many rules (some illustrated) and they come in all shapes and sizes. Steve mounted mine on an old birch branch. Notice the rustic branches he chose to keep on the post? It is also cemented into a galvanized bucket, in order for it to be moved out of the way of the snow plow. This is one of my favorite birthday presents yet.

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Making Books and Memories...

Kim Wyatt truly is the conduit of all things artistically fun in South Lake Tahoe. "Because Bona Fide loves all things books, we are starting a Sunday afternoon club for lovers of book arts. After your hike or ski, join us at HQ the last Sunday of the month and tell your story with a handmade book. Pocket books, zines, postcard books, and other book arts will be explored in these fun, informal gatherings. We'll share tips and make cool books!"

Karen (far right) moved here in June and brought with her her love of making books.
She is incredibly talented and creates the most unique books out of the most unique items.
This sweet book, whose cover is an actual button, is all about... what else...buttons.
This, constructed from a rice bag, contains facts about rice and is adorable.
After wowing us with all her creations, Karen showed us how to make an X Book, where we turned a single sheet of paper into a six-page book.

I went to this gathering to mainly observed. However, everyone was being so creative and supportive of one another, I decided to make a book of travel, for Steve. Oh man, what a fun activity to do. Even I felt creative today.

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Illusion Fusion with Alex Ramon...

For two years, we have been trying to see this talented magician. Tonight was his second to last performance here, as the Horizon closes for a year long remodel. Our timing could not have been more perfect.

Billed as: "Illusion Fusion", a brand new, high-energy theatrical show stars Award-Winning Master Magician Alex Ramon & Friends, featuring mind-blowing illusions, slight-of-hand close-up, and unique, never-before-seen magic that defines the word "art".
Alex Ramon is a extremely charismatic 27 year old, whose résumé is unbelievably impressive. He kept us on the edge of our seats with his humor, magic skills and sincerity.
I have to explain this because I'm still laughing at its hilarity. Dan was a volunteer from the audience and Alex is helping him do magic tricks. The tux jacket wrapped around Dan, while Alex put his own arms in the sleeves. His hands did the magic tricks, from behind this very enthusiastic assistant. Hysterical.
Alex's lovely assistant, Megan, was awesome in making the night a success.
Since tomorrow is the last show, Alex's family was in the audience. At one point he asked where everyone was from, long story short, our friends, Margaret and Lee, grew up in the same town. Margaret went to high school with Alex's dad and Lee "learned how to eat Mexican Food" as a child at their family's restaurant. A big reunion happened in and among the magic and we were a part of it all! We're sorry we waited so long to finally see Illusion Fusion but we are so glad we did.

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Birthday Party at the Business EXPO...

EXTRAORDINARY. I can't think of another way to describe the night!

We started the festivities in our suite, for presents and party hats.
Then it was on to the Chamber's Business Expo: Tahoe South in Action. Here, 100 local companies were introduced to the community. And what an introduction!  It was incredible. For $10, we were wined, dined, entertained and swagged.
Tradition dictates that Steve and Bob get photographed with showgirls, wherever we find them.
Last year we were thoroughly impressed. The selection did not disappoint for this Expo either.

Our friend, Lee, wrote, "Had a great time tonight.  Got home and it was like two 10 year olds checking the loot in their bags on Halloween.  Margaret asked if I wanted her to sort out my bag. I had to physically defend my bag!"
Emily, pictured here with me and the Kirkwood Avalanche dog mascot, is the amazing organizer for all the Tahoe Chamber's events. She is awesome!
Did I mention there was a photo booth?
Over 1,500 people attended this huge party. Many wished me a "Happy Birthday". Often, we would bump into people we knew, which made the night that much more special. I could not have planned a more exceptional celebration!
1.enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

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Staycation and Film Festival...

At a fundraiser last year, we purchased a two night stay at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel and booked it specifically for my birthday weekend. We checked in and then hit the ground running.

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival: Where Activism Gets Inspired... did just that. We watched 11 movies, each with its own unique message. One that I loved the most was Scared is Scared. Click the link for the best eight minutes you will spend today!  Truly.

Nord for Sola was an incredible film about two young men spending nine months in an isolated bay, north of the Arctic Circle. They spent their days surfing, chopping wood for heat, and gathering the tons of trash that washed ashore. It was mesmerizing.
Diverse, informative, exciting and unforgettable, each film impacted me in a variety of ways. In addition, everyone who attended received a raffle ticket. I was the grand prize winner of a bag of goodies from Patagonia, which I plan to open tomorrow as a birthday gift.  An incredible day.

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Winter Trek Finale...

After a foot of new snow, our concluding excursion with 5th Graders was pretty spectacular and a great start to Day #27.

Next stop... Summer Fun!

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Bowling for a Cause...

We couldn't remember when we bowled last (twenty years ago, maybe). When this fundraiser came up, we all jumped on its cause. The Animal Coalition of Tahoe is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to promoting the adoption, care and well being of companion animals in the South Tahoe area.

Bob and Jenny were up for it too. We called ourselves "The Under Dogs".
Rich, the event organizer wrote about us, "Thank You!  Not just for coming, but for being so spirited!" We were the only team in 'uniforms'.

There were awards for the best and worst teams. Our scores fell comfortably in the median range. BUT we felt like winners anyway. Good cause, great fun.

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The 21st Century Library: So Much More than a Building of Books...

Tonight's event starred Jeanne Amos, the director of our countywide library system. With a very informative Powerpoint presentation, she described how the modern library has advanced with the information age and how it pertains to our South Lake Tahoe Branch.

Afterward, community members and library lovers answered two questions: 1. What makes the library a vital community hub and asset? 2. How can the library and Friends of the Library better serve our community?

I walked away knowing so much more about the resources our library has to offer and with an even deeper appreciation for it.

 "A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life."
    –Henry Ward Beecher

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Hanging in Sacramento...

We left Santa Rosa, in the dark, so Steve could catch a flight to Orange County for a meeting.

While Steve was gone for the day, Jenny came to town so we could play. First stop was the Plum Cafe. This was my second visit here. It is a "celebration of lovingly prepared plant-based foods. We create eclectic full-flavored Cuisine using non-GMO, local foods. Most of our menus items are made from scratch in our kitchen–our own vegan, non-dairy cheese, mayonnaise, sauces, veggie burger and more."
We both enjoyed the Tofu Scramble Platter: Tofu Scramble (choose one: french toast, pancake or waffle), hash browns, and tempeh bacon for $10.95. Surprisingly delicious!

How could I not stop for this photo opportunity? We found out it is a rideshare car from the company, Lyft. Clever.
Our main goal was to hit as many Thrift Stores as possible. I think, in the amount of time we had, we did awesome. I would have to say Jodette's Boutique and Belly Dancing Academy was the most unique stop. The owner is a world famous belly dancer so this store sells all you would need to be such a performer. The boutique side was reasonably priced and the salesman was super friendly.

How fun that Jenny was there to play. We parted ways after 9 hours of hanging in Sac-Town. I picked Steve up from the airport and we were back to Tahoe by 8 PM.  IT WAS A FABULOUS WEEKEND.

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'Tom Selleck' for my birthday...

Knowing my fondness for Mr. Selleck, my daughter-in-law made me the Tom Selleck Cake for my birthday dessert.

According to the website, Baked Bree, on which this tasty treat was found, "I cannot tell you why this dessert is called Tom Selleck. I can take a few guesses though. The first things that come to mind when eating it are: smooth, creamy, rich. Just like the real thing. I have to admit, that I have a giant crush on Tom Selleck."
Homemade, delicious goodness... YUM.

"I live a pretty simple life."
-Tom Selleck

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