Illusion Fusion with Alex Ramon...

For two years, we have been trying to see this talented magician. Tonight was his second to last performance here, as the Horizon closes for a year long remodel. Our timing could not have been more perfect.

Billed as: "Illusion Fusion", a brand new, high-energy theatrical show stars Award-Winning Master Magician Alex Ramon & Friends, featuring mind-blowing illusions, slight-of-hand close-up, and unique, never-before-seen magic that defines the word "art".
Alex Ramon is a extremely charismatic 27 year old, whose résumé is unbelievably impressive. He kept us on the edge of our seats with his humor, magic skills and sincerity.
I have to explain this because I'm still laughing at its hilarity. Dan was a volunteer from the audience and Alex is helping him do magic tricks. The tux jacket wrapped around Dan, while Alex put his own arms in the sleeves. His hands did the magic tricks, from behind this very enthusiastic assistant. Hysterical.
Alex's lovely assistant, Megan, was awesome in making the night a success.
Since tomorrow is the last show, Alex's family was in the audience. At one point he asked where everyone was from, long story short, our friends, Margaret and Lee, grew up in the same town. Margaret went to high school with Alex's dad and Lee "learned how to eat Mexican Food" as a child at their family's restaurant. A big reunion happened in and among the magic and we were a part of it all! We're sorry we waited so long to finally see Illusion Fusion but we are so glad we did.

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