The Boy is Off the Hill...

We knew our boy had to leave, one day, and today was that day, only because snow is coming tomorrow- his planned day.  His career begins on Monday!

Everyone, who stays with us, must sign our guest book. This was the entry from today's departure, "After graduating from Cal Poly's Construction Management Department, I came back to Tahoe for a winter of fun. I had never skied before and by March, we could ski all Black Diamonds, pretty well, and survive all Double Black Diamonds... Success!"
Interesting, their passes keep statistics, and while not thoroughly accurate, they are rather impressive!
After the boy left, Steve and I knew we had to get out of the house, and conveniently it was Rum Runner Wednesday at The Beacon.  Bob and Jenny were more than willing to help us commiserate our Empty Nest.

Our son said it best, "Every bit of this winter has been amazing. It was a perfect break between Poly and starting work. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. I love you both very much."

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