Birthday Party at the Business EXPO...

EXTRAORDINARY. I can't think of another way to describe the night!

We started the festivities in our suite, for presents and party hats.
Then it was on to the Chamber's Business Expo: Tahoe South in Action. Here, 100 local companies were introduced to the community. And what an introduction!  It was incredible. For $10, we were wined, dined, entertained and swagged.
Tradition dictates that Steve and Bob get photographed with showgirls, wherever we find them.
Last year we were thoroughly impressed. The selection did not disappoint for this Expo either.

Our friend, Lee, wrote, "Had a great time tonight.  Got home and it was like two 10 year olds checking the loot in their bags on Halloween.  Margaret asked if I wanted her to sort out my bag. I had to physically defend my bag!"
Emily, pictured here with me and the Kirkwood Avalanche dog mascot, is the amazing organizer for all the Tahoe Chamber's events. She is awesome!
Did I mention there was a photo booth?
Over 1,500 people attended this huge party. Many wished me a "Happy Birthday". Often, we would bump into people we knew, which made the night that much more special. I could not have planned a more exceptional celebration!
1.enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

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