Hanging in Sacramento...

We left Santa Rosa, in the dark, so Steve could catch a flight to Orange County for a meeting.

While Steve was gone for the day, Jenny came to town so we could play. First stop was the Plum Cafe. This was my second visit here. It is a "celebration of lovingly prepared plant-based foods. We create eclectic full-flavored Cuisine using non-GMO, local foods. Most of our menus items are made from scratch in our kitchen–our own vegan, non-dairy cheese, mayonnaise, sauces, veggie burger and more."
We both enjoyed the Tofu Scramble Platter: Tofu Scramble (choose one: french toast, pancake or waffle), hash browns, and tempeh bacon for $10.95. Surprisingly delicious!

How could I not stop for this photo opportunity? We found out it is a rideshare car from the company, Lyft. Clever.
Our main goal was to hit as many Thrift Stores as possible. I think, in the amount of time we had, we did awesome. I would have to say Jodette's Boutique and Belly Dancing Academy was the most unique stop. The owner is a world famous belly dancer so this store sells all you would need to be such a performer. The boutique side was reasonably priced and the salesman was super friendly.

How fun that Jenny was there to play. We parted ways after 9 hours of hanging in Sac-Town. I picked Steve up from the airport and we were back to Tahoe by 8 PM.  IT WAS A FABULOUS WEEKEND.

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