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Kim Wyatt truly is the conduit of all things artistically fun in South Lake Tahoe. "Because Bona Fide loves all things books, we are starting a Sunday afternoon club for lovers of book arts. After your hike or ski, join us at HQ the last Sunday of the month and tell your story with a handmade book. Pocket books, zines, postcard books, and other book arts will be explored in these fun, informal gatherings. We'll share tips and make cool books!"

Karen (far right) moved here in June and brought with her her love of making books.
She is incredibly talented and creates the most unique books out of the most unique items.
This sweet book, whose cover is an actual button, is all about... what else...buttons.
This, constructed from a rice bag, contains facts about rice and is adorable.
After wowing us with all her creations, Karen showed us how to make an X Book, where we turned a single sheet of paper into a six-page book.

I went to this gathering to mainly observed. However, everyone was being so creative and supportive of one another, I decided to make a book of travel, for Steve. Oh man, what a fun activity to do. Even I felt creative today.

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