Staycation and Film Festival...

At a fundraiser last year, we purchased a two night stay at the Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel and booked it specifically for my birthday weekend. We checked in and then hit the ground running.

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival: Where Activism Gets Inspired... did just that. We watched 11 movies, each with its own unique message. One that I loved the most was Scared is Scared. Click the link for the best eight minutes you will spend today!  Truly.

Nord for Sola was an incredible film about two young men spending nine months in an isolated bay, north of the Arctic Circle. They spent their days surfing, chopping wood for heat, and gathering the tons of trash that washed ashore. It was mesmerizing.
Diverse, informative, exciting and unforgettable, each film impacted me in a variety of ways. In addition, everyone who attended received a raffle ticket. I was the grand prize winner of a bag of goodies from Patagonia, which I plan to open tomorrow as a birthday gift.  An incredible day.

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Nesbit Library rocks! said...

LOVED Scared is Scared! Thanks for posting--sorry I missed the festival.

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