New Friend, New Decade...

We met Gary and Sharon while on a party boat for a gentleman none of us knew.  We bonded instantly and when we received an invitation to celebrate Gary's birthday we jumped at the opportunity.

"Do not regret growing older.  It is a privilege denied to many."
There is a special kindness here.  A camaraderie amongst 'Lake People'.  Maybe it's because we already have one thing in common:  We love Tahoe.  Whatever it is, Steve and I are loving our decision to live here and we appreciate every opportunity we've been offered.  It's a wonderful life!

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Men of Worth at Valhalla...

Still remembering our unforgettable visit to Ireland in October, Steve and I were excited to see Men of Worth here in South Lake Tahoe.  For almost 30 years, Scotsman Donnie Macdonald and Irishman James Keigher have performed Irish and Scottish folk music, combining traditional and contemporary styles.

When our friend, Joan, suggested a pre-show dinner at Murphy's Irish Pub, we knew it was going to be an unforgettable event.
Nothing says "Irish" quite like Shepard's Pie and a beer!
This is the first time we have seen the window to the Lake opened.  What a venue!
Together Men of Worth blend their voices with harmony and support their collection of songs with their varied selection of instruments. They have a very simple approach to their presentation, and in keeping with tradition, remain true to the music and story. Their show is a unique combination of humor, exciting tunes, and soulful, heartfelt ballads.  It was one of those nights that will be a highlight of our Valhalla Season.  I can't wait til next summer!  Wow!
An Irish toast:
Here's to you and yours
And to mine and ours.
And if mine and ours
Ever come across to you and yours,
I hope you and yours will do
As much for mine and ours
As mine and ours have done
For you and yours!

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Early Tahoe Dentistry...

I spent the day being a docent at the Lake Tahoe Historical Society Museum and was intrigued by our newest exhibit donated by a descendant of Laura Scudder (of potato chip fame and so much more).

Dr. Rhodin C. Scudder (1873-1950) received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1898 from the University of Pennsylvania.  He had a dental practice in Los Angeles and a summer home and office on the shore of Lake Tahoe.  Notice that this chair is constructed of basic items you would find in the mountains.  Also note the dental drill, next to the chair, which is powered by pushing the foot pedal up and down (especially useful in a rustic cabin).
This large sign/postcard, postmarked 1927, was sent to announce that Dr. Scudder would be spending the summer at his cabin in Al Tahoe (the postage was two, 1¢ stamps). The history here continues to amaze me.

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A tale of two Steves...

When I met Steve, he was part of a motorcycling gang of "Steves".  Today, Steve and Laura came up from Genoa, NV for a day in Lake Tahoe.

I can't think of a better place to spend some quality "Tahoe Time" than Emerald Bay.
The prettiest view of the Lake is from this vista point and the name was not lost on any of us!  We ended the delightful day in our backyard dining, catching up from years of not seeing one another and making promises to get together again soon.

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Flowers, castles & golf courses...

We began our day exploring the local nursery, Aspen Hollow.  What a wonderful peek into what our garden could look like... one day!

We then did our volunteer shift at Vikingsholm so we could share Emerald Bay with Tom and Chris.  Music and a drink at The Beacon Bar & Grill preceded a delicious dinner of salmon fish & chips at Brooks Bar and Deck, selected by the editors of Golf Digest as one of the "Best 19th Holes in America".  We then watched the sun beginning to set over Edgewood Golf Course. Magnificent!

We feel the weekend whet our friends' appetite for Tahoe and we know they will be back!
"The tans will fade,
but the memories will last forever."

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Lake in the Sky Airshow & more...

The 23rd annual Lake Tahoe airshow has been on my calendar for months.  It was an ideal day to be out in it all.  The Lake in the Sky Air Show has been described as “the best in the west” by one of the Navy’s participants.
The boys with the Manhattan Dolls, a Swing-style vocal trio who were as nice as they were talented!
This North American Aviation T-6 Texan is a single-engine advanced trainer aircraft used to train military pilots.  I think it was my favorite of the show!
The Air Forces C-17 Globemaster was immense, inside and out!
This is the only time I want to see Steve in the back of this car.
After a barbecue at home, we ended our wonderful day at Taylor Creek Visitors' Center at the amphitheater.
Every Summer Saturday evening they host Wild Outdoor Movie Night.
We learned so much about the very interesting world of raptors.
Watching the day end, here amongst the pines, learning about these magnificent flying animals after observing the amazing flying machines, was the ideal end to our great day!

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Sharing Tahoe with Tom & Chris

We met, for the first time, in Italy.  They live in Long Beach and flew in for their first ever visit to The Lake.

We unloaded their rental car and strolled to the lake.  It was a gorgeous afternoon to bask and people watch.
My favorite spot to gather is our front yard.  You never know who will wander by.  Our friend, Catherine, walks her dog past our porch every day and today was the first time she had a spare moment to join us for a glass of wine.  She is the President of the Historical Society and shared some incredible Lake Tahoe history with Tom and Chris.  Fun!
Dinner was our favorite Wood Fired Pizza at the Ski Run Blvd. Farmers' Market.  To ogle the produce and chat with the 'locals' is a great way to spend a Friday evening.  Delicious, entertaining and very small town.  A pretty perfect day!

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Primo's for a 'Cash Mob'...

When we read the following article, by the Tahoe Chamber of Commerce, Steve and I knew we had to be there to support the local economy and try some new Italian food.  What an interesting concept:

The first Cash Mob to hit South Lake Tahoe will be held at Primo's Italian Bistro, from 12-2pm. The idea of a Cash Mob is simple: get as many people together at the same place & time to infuse money into a particular local business, in turn supporting the local economy.

Bring a friend, buy lunch and enjoy handmade pasta, hand tossed pizza, homemade desserts, and more. All those in attendance will get a special treat at approximately 1pm; something spontaneous and fun that will surely make for good lunch time entertainment!

Primo's Italian Bistro opened in February 2012.  Owner Jim Primo is no stranger to the restaurant business and he uses old family recipes, unique East Coast ingredients, and his years of experience to provide a very authentic Italian experience.
We formed our own little "mob" with our friends, Dick and Joan.  The atmosphere was very party-like with camaraderie amongst the diners.  My linguine with pancetta was delizioso as was everyone's entrée.

The 1 PM "entertainment" was as cute as it could be.  A bus of children from the Boys & Girls Club came and did a Flash Mob dance.  It was certainly a treat.  I would say for the inaugural "Cash Mob", this was an enorme successo!

A tavola con i buoni amici e la famiglia
non si diventa vecchi.

(Italian to English Translation):
At the table with good friends and family
you do not become old.

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Holy Cr** it's a bear!

Steve and I were just sitting on our front porch when this bear comes strolling out from between our house and the neighbors.  He was undeterred by our presence and went to another home and settled under their back deck.

According to Marc Kenyon, a bear biologist, "From a wildlife management perspective, the Lake Tahoe Basin is one of the most challenging areas of the state to manage. This time of year, Department of Fish & Game gets hundreds of calls about bears breaking into homes, rummaging through trash and scavenging for food at campgrounds. They're no longer the majestic creature of the forest; they've been reduced to a destitute, hollow shell of their great potential, scrounging for scraps. That's hardly what I call a wild bear." 

And what's really sad is it's us people who are making them that way!  We are learning to be more bear aware and hopefully together we can keep Tahoe's bears wild and alive for generations to come.

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Our Sensational Summertime Soirée...

With a desire to get to know our neighbors better and to repay some of the wonderful kindness we have been shown since moving here, our front yard was the location of a fantastic Bijou Pines Bash.

This morning, I received this very sweet summation from our friend Steve, "
Cyndi and I want to thank you both for hosting the 1st Annual Bijou 'Hood Party. You guys rock with your social agenda, true kindness, and friendship. Everyone there was happy to participate and would relish the opportunity for unity once again."

Loving life here in Tahoe!

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