Cannon Gallery's Entre Tinta y Lucha

This exhibit showcases 45 Years of Self-Help Graphics & Art (SHG), a community center in East Los Angeles dedicated to the creation and promotion of new works by Chicano and Latino artists through experimental and innovative printmaking techniques.

Since 1973, SHG has been the intersection where arts and community meet, providing a forum for local and international artists.
Gandhi's Seven deadly sins, "Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience,
Science without humanity, Knowledge without character,
Politics without principle, Commerce without morality, Worship without sacrifice.”
It all began when a Franciscan nun, Sister Karen Boccalero, began making prints with Latino and Chicano artists in a garage in East Los Angeles. After studying art at college, Sister Karen settled in Los Angeles and taught printmaking at a drug and rehabilitation center before starting SHG, which she led until her death in 1997.
I appreciate this postage stamp by Sandow Birk, an artist with creations that often develop into expansive, multi-media projects. His works take unexpected turns from forgotten scenes in history, to gritty scenes of contemporary life. With an emphasis on social issues, his past works have included inner city violence, graffiti, political issues, travel, war, and prisons, as well as surfing and skateboarding. This exhibit had something for everyone.
This piece by Yreina D. Cervántez is the image used to promote this exhibit. For over forty years, Ms Cervántez has painted politically charged and spiritually informed works in watercolor, acrylic, fine art prints and muralism. These projects reveal historic intersections with social justice work in California, feminist and Latin American solidarity movements, the Chicano art movement, and the era of multiculturalism.

There was something about this piece by Jaime "Germs" Zacarias that called to me. Is it whimsy? If you take a closer look at his pop surrealist paintings, you'll catch a glimpse of hidden messages in the form of eyeballs, bacon, and robots. You might even see an image of an iPhone with an emblem of the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Virgin Mary. Unique indeed.

I also enjoyed Victoria Delgadillo's Bolsa de Mercado. Her work is a representation of fashion, social-critique and circumstance.  She has exhibited and been written about in China, Scotland, Cuba, Mexico and throughout the United States. Simple but moving.
The last work, Sam Coronado's Pan Dulce, caught my eye as I was leaving. There was something in the color and subject matter (was I hungry?). For most of his artistic career, Texan Coronado has been a painter, using bright acrylics and familiar icons to subtly address universal social and political themes. So interesting.

This exhibit was one that shed light on the healing power of art and its ability to unite and give purpose. Each of the 50+ fine art prints tell its own unique story. I was glad I had the chance to hear at least some of them.

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The Flowers of U.S. Route 395

Each time we travel the 470 miles to SoCal, the scenery is ever changing.

Today's highlight was the flowers!

If it wasn't such a long drive to do all in one day, we would have stopped to photograph even more. The landscape was a kaleidoscope of colors. Wow.
This has to be one of the smallest wildflowers I have discovered yet.

Oh man, my heart is happy! Flowers are truly eye candy.

"No matter how chaotic it is,
wildflowers will still spring up
in the middle of nowhere."
-Sheryl Crow

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Wine Winners...

They say it's not what you know but who and man do we know some awesome people. Take our award-winning wine making friends, David and Karen, for instance.

They grow grapes in their Southern California yard and always make delicious wines. This year they took Best in Class for their Barbera (announced today)! Amateur winemakers compete for medals, ribbons and awards in the 2019 San Diego County Fair Homemade Wine competitive exhibit. Winners’ wine will be displayed at the Fair in the Paul Ecke Jr. Garden Show’s Wine Nook exhibit.

Congratulations David & Karen. We can't wait to sample your entry. Saluti!

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Happy Independent Bookstore Day...

What is Independent Bookstore Day?

Independent Bookstore Day is a one-day national party that takes place at indie bookstores across the country on the last Saturday in April.  Every store is unique and independent, and every party is different. But in addition to authors, live music, cupcakes, scavenger hunts, kids events, art tables, readings, barbecues, contests, and other fun stuff, there are exclusive books and literary items that you can only get on that day. Not before. Not after. Not online.

Wherever I am on this special day, I try to find my way to one of these magical stores. Today was Copperfield's in Santa Rosa.

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road.
They are the destination, and the journey.
They are home.”
– Anna Quindlen in How Reading Changed My Life

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Spring at Spring Lake...

Spring Lake Regional Park, in Santa Rosa, is one of Sonoma County's most popular parks, featuring 10 miles of trails, a campground, picnic areas, a natural history center, and a summer swimming lagoon. It is the perfect place to embrace springtime.

“It is spring again.
The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” 
-Rainer Maria Rilke

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Spring is alive in Tahoe with new beginnings...

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued,
is always just beyond your grasp, but which,
if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. 
-Nathaniel Hawthorne

Butterflies are self propelled flowers.
-R.H. Heinlein

Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting,
small but approachable,
butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life.
And everyone deserves a little sunshine.
-Jeffrey Glassberg

The butterfly flits from bloom to bloom,
as not to miss one fragrant plume.
In her sight exists no garden finale,
only paradise of flowered hill and valley.
-K. D'Angelo

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Our Quiet Easter Sunday...

No family gathering or meals of ham, just Steve and I left on our own to meander which, by the way, is not a complaint.

Our brunch was our favorite waffle at the local café with a stroll through old neighborhoods and the Lake's marshes. It was peaceful and renewing.
If we can't be with family, at least we can be in South Lake Tahoe.

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Earth Day at Squaw...

"The Tahoe Truckee Earth Day Festival returns to the Village at Squaw Valley for one of the largest Earth Day celebrations in the area. This free community event gives kids and adults the opportunity to learn about recycling, composting, alternative energy, and sustainability through hands-on activities the whole family can enjoy.  At a diverse array of earth-friendly educational booths displayed throughout the day, participants can get dirty in the compost zone, explore new ways to recycle, learn about solar energy, and check out children's activities and brain teasers hosted by The Discovery."

Besides exceptional opportunities to learn, we ran into exceptional people as well. This is an anniversary of sorts. When we moved to Tahoe in 2012, we volunteered at an Earth Day event. There we met Sierra State Parks Foundation's Heidi. She opened so many doors and provided us with so many incredible opportunities over the past seven years. What fun to see her today.
Today's event encouraged us to open our minds.

We learned how to make seed bombs, also known as "earth balls" or nendo dango. They consist of a variety of different seeds rolled within a ball of clay, preferably volcanic pyroclastic red clay. Seed bombing is a technique of introducing vegetation to land by throwing or dropping these seed orbs. So fun.

The subject matter varied from paint recycling... healthy bear poop. Yes, a diverse day indeed.
 There was even live music to give us all something to dance to.
“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link
between man and nature shall not be broken.”
-Leo Tolstoy

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