Happy New Year's Eve...

Oh man, Heavenly Village knows how to throw a party!!!  Words cannot describe the fun!

From 6-9PM the eight of us attended an amazingly fun party (9 PM is midnight in New York, after all).  What a blast!  And they had a photo booth.
Firegroove totally entertained by blending the ancient art of fire dance with the latest in light technology, the hottest dance trends and great music in a performance like none we have ever seen.
The band, Wes Quave, rocked the Village and had everyone jumping- young and old alike.  We were moving and grooving the entire time.
There were strolling sights to behold... truly something for everyone.
Fear No Ice really put on an incredible show.  What a difference from the mildness of yesterday afternoon.  It had to be the costumes and the occasion!
Heavenly Village has its own 'ball drop' in the form of an illuminated gondola, which slowly made its way down the mountain, as the count down to 'midnight' happened and then the fireworks extravaganza.  No one does fireworks like South Lake Tahoe!
Here it is, the New Year!  What a great goodbye to 2013.  I'm excited for what's next.  Wishing you all things sweet and hopeful in the new year ahead.

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Fear No Ice at Heavenly Village...

Fear No Ice is the world’s first and only performance ice sculpting company and today was their pre-show before tomorrow's New Year's Eve Extravaganza.

All throughout the Village are recent creations by this talented ice sculpting trio.
For over an hour, the audience was mesmerized by power tools working their magic.
The finished product was a very elaborate love seat.
As part of Heavenly Holidays New Year's Eve party, Fear No Ice will take a five ton piece of ice and make it a masterpiece in 18 minutes, while in costume with music blaring.  I can't wait.  Since 1997, they have been an entertainment entity that keeps guests on the edge of their seats. A combination of action adventure, slapstick, drama and audience participation, Fear No Ice promises an experience which will not soon be forgotten.  What a way to end the year!  I really cannot wait.

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TAINTED LOVE for Jenny's Birthday...

Billed as San Francisco's original 80s Cover Band, how perfect that Tainted Love would play at Harrah's for Jenny's birthday!

All birthdays should be celebrated in legwarmers.
We became fans of this group in January.  This was our son's first experience with live 80's music vs being raised listening to it at home.  Definitely a great introduction.
Bob did his best Miami Vice look or was it Magnum P.I.?
Jason, the bass guitarist, was totally into making magical moments for us fans.
There is something about this decade that brings out the best in people... and the headbands.  What a gnarly, tubular, like totally awesome experience.

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Emerald Bay for a Hike...

Off to our favorite spot for the day... Emerald Bay!

Breakfast at Bert's... delicious!
Matching the mail truck... classic!
Required bay photo.
My favorite downed tree.
A hike to Eagle Falls.
The Falls were frozen and beautiful.  The hike did not disappoint and I'm always so happy to share this place with everyone!

After Steve barbecued, the boys starting making music.  This is awesome.

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The Nephews are Here...

Kristen surprised our nephew, by planning a birthday trip with his brother up to Tahoe.  Today is his #32.  We enjoyed dinner and celebrating in our Tahoe cabin.

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Merry Christmas to You...

We spent this wonderful holiday hanging out and just enjoying one another.  It was a morning of presents, silliness and great family memories.

Nothing says Christmas like mustaches.
We gamed, barbecued, read in the glorious sunshine and strolled the neighborhood.  It was a day of simple pleasures.  However you spent your day, we wish you the merriest.

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Heavenly Holidays are Happening...

In an effort to feel even more festive, we headed to Heavenly Village.

My ultimate favorite part is seeing Santa in a snow globe.  I have never seen this anywhere but here. 
Silent Night sung by carolers really makes it feel like Christmas.

It promises to be a magical time to be in Tahoe..."Celebrate the holidays with Heavenly during our two-week festival in the Heavenly Village, featuring professional ice skating shows, ice sculptors, carolers, local artists and a 16-foot interactive snow globe where kids can get their photos taken with Santa."

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Jon Lovitz & Me...

In 2006, I was on Rodeo Dr. as a tour guide for our Japanese students.  When I saw comedian Jon Lovitz, I asked him for a photo.  His answer was, "Yeah, whatever" in his very distinctive voice, for which he is famous.  Most people know him from Saturday Night Live, yet he has appeared in over thirty movies, including one of our favorites, Rat Race.

What a small world that he will be here in Tahoe next month.  Hmm, I might have to go... just to see if he remembers me.
"You want everyone to be great and funny.
I'm not saying I'm great, but I'm funny."
-Jon Lovitz

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Quality Time with the Neighbors...

We have a tradition of getting together right before Christmas with our neighbors, Dan & Heidi.  We don't see them as much as we would like, throughout the year, but we look forward to our our time, in front of the Christmas tree, laughing and catching up.

 “Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients
of a truly merry Christmas.”

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Pajama Party at the Library...

At noon, I got back into my PJs (actually Steve's) and hosted a Friends of the Library Story time/Pajama Party with Christie Rassuchine (Higman) and Robyn Lindner, two authors who grew up in Tahoe. 

Who wouldn't want to stay in their comfy PJs to listen to a great story?!
They read from their newest book, The Crazy Club’s First Slumber Party"Nikki Gong has never spent the night away from her parents, and she experiences a case of homesickness during her first slumber party. Can the members of the Crazy Club persuade her to stay the entire night?"  All of us were mesmerized by the story.
Okay, not all of us.
Afterward, coloring happened.  For me...all the ingredients for a perfect day!
Oh my gosh, these two girls with their dolls were absolutely adorable.  I loved that so many people embraced the theme and came in their pajamas.  Our library continues to be a place one wants to be.

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Some Sights of Tahoe...

A day in the life...

While on a hike with Jenny, she spied this majestic hawk.  There was something about him, looking out over the meadow, that was interesting to watch.
It's fun to see boys out with their toys.  Our son helped with the snow blowing tasks, while the ice skater took to a frozen pond waiting for a hockey match.
No matter where we look, there is something uniquely Tahoe to be found.

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Cookie Cooking at its Finest...

For another first, tonight I attended a cookie bake, hosted by Cyndy who has this kind of thing down to an art form.

Each of us brought recipes so that, when done, we would all go home with about four dozen cookies.  Oh my gosh, what a bunch of delicious.
These are some of the main ingredients of the night.
Cyndy was a great team leader.  She kept us fed and on schedule.
This photo of Cyndy's glove caught in the blades could be a cautionary tale that drinking and mixers, well um... don't mix!
Cyndy's Russian Tea cookies were the only tried recipe.  Surprisingly, EVERYTHING came out scrumptious.  I kept tasting them... just to be sure.
Jenny gets the prize for most elaborate of all the cookies.
Debbie made the most exquisite toffee.  Wow.  What a treat.
So this was our reward for the evening.  This 9" X 13" X 5" container was filled to the brim.  If you're anywhere near, I have a cookie or two for you!

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