Fear No Ice at Heavenly Village...

Fear No Ice is the world’s first and only performance ice sculpting company and today was their pre-show before tomorrow's New Year's Eve Extravaganza.

All throughout the Village are recent creations by this talented ice sculpting trio.
For over an hour, the audience was mesmerized by power tools working their magic.
The finished product was a very elaborate love seat.
As part of Heavenly Holidays New Year's Eve party, Fear No Ice will take a five ton piece of ice and make it a masterpiece in 18 minutes, while in costume with music blaring.  I can't wait.  Since 1997, they have been an entertainment entity that keeps guests on the edge of their seats. A combination of action adventure, slapstick, drama and audience participation, Fear No Ice promises an experience which will not soon be forgotten.  What a way to end the year!  I really cannot wait.

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For Travel's Sake said...

That looks fun. Hokaido Japan has a big ice sculpting event that I would like to see.
The pic of the little girl watching the ice sculpting is very cute.

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