Hiking Cascade Lake's Falls...

The Cascade Falls Hike is one we did last May yet it needed a revisit since the view is always new again when there is snow in the background.

Frozen works of art decorated the mountainside. They were phenomenal.
We were talking to some tourists, and the woman stated, "For us, this is a vacation, for you it's Wednesday in Tahoe!" That sentiment totally summed up the day.
Jenny's mission is to get out in Tahoe every day. She's a great motivator.
Cascade Lake has been privately owned by the Ebright family ever since the 1880s when Dr. Charles Brigham, internationally famous San Francisco surgeon, purchased the glacial amphitheater for the fishing it afforded, as well as for its adjacency to his Lake Tahoe frontage.  The closest we can get, to this amazing lake, is this hike on the glacial moraines above it.
Like everywhere here, history abounds. John Steinbeck completed work on his first novel, Cup of Gold, a decade prior to The Grapes of Wrath, in this caretaker's cabin at Cascade Lake. We are relishing all our area has to offer. The possibilities for exploration are endless and we welcome the challenge to discover them all.

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For Travel's Sake said...

Wow. That looks beautiful. I love the solid water shots.
That is so cool about Steinbeck. It seems fitting to live a humble life, completely focused on writing and inspired by beauty.

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