Local Olympians Return Home...

On a golden Spring-like day, we had a golden opportunity to attend A Golden Celebration for the three amazing ladies who brought back Olympic medals to their home town of South Lake Tahoe!

The day's festivities began with a parade through town with hundreds of well wishers lining the route.
Steve and I arrived, via shuttle, and hung with the masses at Sierra-at-Tahoe's new Plaza. We are visible in the lower left corner, me in red, Steve in the white hat.
The girls arrived, via old school fire truck, to enormous cheering (video below). Jenny photographed Jamie taking a 'selfie', just confirming how down to earth these Olympians are.

Maddie Bowman, Hannah Teter and Jamie Anderson made all of us so proud of them while they were in Sochi. Yet, today, here in Tahoe, they made us love them.
Accolades were given by so many dignitaries but this photo of Mayor Hal Cole, presenting to Jamie, was the most special.
Yes, that is an actual Olympic gold medal, worn by an actual gold medal winning Olympian.
After all the deserved praise, the girls signed autographs. What an incredible experience. I just can't find the words to express the magicalness of this day. Watch this video and you'll get a glimpse of it.  Truly a Golden Moment.

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For Travel's Sake said...

This post is cute. I love the video at the end. What an exciting moment for Tahoe! It looks like just about EVERYONE was there!

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