Bowling "Big Lebowski" Style

Annie arrived from SoCal and after dinner, we donned robes and walked to the bowling alley.

Everyone we passed on the street and within the building commented on our attire. "The Dude", Jeff Bridges as the Big Lebowski, goes everywhere in his robe with much of it being at a bowling alley. Needless-to-say, we were the Belles of the lanes.
We hijacked Linda and she was the piece that made it that much more fun. She even donned the robe.
While we were drinking red wine, everyone commented on the fact that we should be drinking White Russians. We did, they were great. I found this on a quote website and thought it explains the movie, and us, well. So slip into your comfiest robe, call up your bowling pals, and head to the nearest alley, because it’s Jeff Bridges 65th birthday and I’ve gathered all of the Big Lebowski you never stopped repeating. Be sure to remember to order a White Russian when you get there.
It's been 35 years of zany! Got to love it.

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