20,921 Steps in 106° Vegas Heat...

Today was about being in Vegas, seeing the new resorts and revisiting some older ones to see what changes have occurred since our last visit.

This was our first visit to Wynn. Opened in 2005, at a cost of 2.7 billion dollars, we were impressed by the opulence.
Real flowers decorated the entire place. It was breathtaking.

Brilliance abounds inside our breathtaking Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. The attention to detail is astounding. The passionate display of nature in all its awe-evoking glory - quite simply, sensational! Let your imagination wander as you assume a leisurely stroll amongst rare natural finds selected distinctively for Bellagio from all over the world.
The Cosmopolitan's Chandelier Bar gets our vote as the most gorgeous.
These Madame Tussaud's wax figures of the Blue Man Group, at the Monte Carlo, are as close as we came to seeing a show. However, we have seen them perform on previous Vegas trips and they are fun.
At NY, NY we discovered the interesting new store called Stupidiotic (Stoo-pid-ee-ah-dick) a trademark brand of this, that, what and why not. The inventory was diverse and I found myself laughing at this item. That's all there really is to say.
The Hershey's Chocolate World is always a treat to peek into. Chocolate covered bacon anyone?

When we entered the MGM Grand, we were given tickets to watch a soon-to-be released television show for us to review. Television City is billed as a world-class consumer research facility, offering focus groups, one-on-one interviews, surveys and a wide range of testing technologies for clients in all industries. We were shown the show Life in Pieces, a comedy about one family told through the separate stories of its various family members. The stars are pretty big: Dianne Wiest, James Brolin, Colin Hanks and faces you know whose names you probably don't. We were asked to rate the show and the commercials that we watched of other upcoming shows. This opportunity was a welcomed one. We got to sit in a cool room and watch TV. Just what we needed at that time of our Vegas hike.
Dinner was at Hexx's patio on the Las Vegas Strip. We spent a leisurely meal recapping our exciting three days in Nevada. Vegas surprised us, in a good way. It was a great desert escape.

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Unknown said...

Chocolate covered bacon? Hum not sure if I would like it. That chandelier is something else. Once again a fascinating journey.

Aquí Ahí Allá said...

It is difficult to believe that ANYTHING could cost 2.5 billion dollars to build. Crazy.
It looks hot, almost Death Valley hot, but fun.

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