A Magical Night With Helen Smith at Vikingsholm Castle...

I have shared the story of Helen Henry Smith in a previous post and after our amazing evening, I just had to do it again.

Join us for a special evening at Emerald Bay State Park and the incomparable Vikingsholm Mansion. Following a Unique “behind the scenes” tour, guests will enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres in the courtyard of Vikingsholm. Helen Smith will host an informal conversation about her experiences spending 14 summers at Vikingsholm as a guest of Lora Knight, the owner.
There really isn't an accurate way to describe this evening. The most used adjective was magical. Maybe it was volunteering with friends, working alongside making everything  go smoothly. Maybe it was the audience, so engaged and eager to learn more. Maybe it was the warm summer breezes, gently flowing through the historic courtyard. But magical it was. Helen Henry Smith shared with us vivid memories of her summers delighting in Vikingsholm. She told of youthful evenings when, after Lora Knight excused her from the dinner table, she would explore the quietness of Emerald Bay wrapped in safety. She spoke of enviable events that left me longing for her long ago life.

Through her tales, all of us gathered there were shown a brief glimpse into a charmed life. Helen gave a gift of her history. And that gift was truly magical.

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