Why I blog...

My musings here are not solely for our own amusement, though the web log we keep helps us remember what we've done and when we've done it. And as we get older, that digital documentation becomes even more important.

I am rewarded quite often for my blogging by sweet comments people publicly post and by the ones that are emailed to me directly. I'm going to share this one from my dear friend, Bill,

"You are seeing so much its hard to take it all in sitting here at my keyboard in my quiet, albeit disorganized, study.  I can only begin to imagine how you encounter severe sensory overload every day. Your photos of the various flora and fauna are enough to make even the palest wallflower want to get up and go blindly into the wilderness seeking even a few of the birds & bees you have encountered. All the magnificent views, the little shops and markers you have encountered come through loud and clear in your posts. Thank you for maintaining the discipline required to put it together every day."

Thank you for following along. I can't even begin to express how much we are missing the people in our lives that we've left back home. It comforts me to know that you're along for the ride.

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