Our Saturday on the Kenai...

Oh man do we love a Farmers' Market! So we started our day at Homer's (while doing our laundry across the street).

We are in the land of Russian Villages and this sweet baker made delicious kalitka (potato pies).

What an awesome donut selection! Yum.
We bought beets and this gal showed us what to do with the greens.
We then meandered Old Homer. It was quaint and delightful.
With an incredible used book shop.

Dinner was much anticipated Mexican food at Don Jose's- a Homer tradition for 35 years. Delicioso!
Evening found us at yet another Russian Orthodox Church, this time in Ninilchik. The Russian-American Company established this village in the 1820s for its elderly and disabled employees who could not endure the long journey back to Russia. Other Russian settlers soon congregated there, and in 1901 the settlers constructed this church. After Russia sold Alaska to the United States in 1867, most residents elected to stay and today their descendants form the core of the present community.

And this is where we are camped, on a bluff, overlooking the cemetery.

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Cyndy Brown said...

What a great place to camp...wish I could have experienced that. Did you feel any "activity" by the cemetery?
I did not know Alaska was sold to us from Russia. Guess I need to brush up on my history.

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