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If you recall, I said we were going to slow it down a bit. Today was one of our slowest days yet. We drove all of 36 miles to spend two nights in Anchorage.

While Steve attended to business issues, I was left here. Title Wave Books is the largest bookstore in Alaska, and one of the biggest used bookstores in the country. It features nearly a half-million used and bargain books in its 25,000-square-foot retail store, plus thousands of DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks and vinyl LPs. What a perfect place for me to kill some time- gleefully.
When we headed off, in the parking lot was a van with this logo on the side. What a strange Temecula connection (such a small world, indeed).
So this is the second road trip where Steve had to visit a dentist due to a lost filling. After being reassured that his tooth was fine until we could be home to our trusted family dentist, we moved on.
And where are we camping for our Anchorage stay? At every man's dream campground- Cabela's. Yes, it turns out that this store lets you stay for up to 48 hours for free. That said, if California residents were allowed to buy guns in Alaska, this would be the most expensive campground we've ever stayed in.
And for those of you unfamiliar with this store, "Where have you been?" For the last three years, this Cabela's (the first in Alaska) has offered 100,000 sq. ft. of outdoor essentials, plus a conservation mountain, indoor archery test area, Gun Library and hundreds of wild-game trophies (for wishful thinking of hunters). There is a Bargain Cave and interestingly, the Flat Top CafĂ© serves wild-game dishes (oh yum). And lastly, for those with a sweet tooth, the Fudge Shop makes fresh fudge daily! Why would we ever need to leave?
Scattered Showers
As for our weather, I believe summer has ended and we are now experiencing Alaska's autumn. It makes for more interesting days and a very well-worn wardrobe.

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Karen Booth said...

It sounds like you could use a quieter day. Sorry Steve had to visit the dentist. Tricia broke a crown in Kauai and almost had to go. It was the near the end of the trip, so she decided to "tough" it out. Did you buy anything at the book store? Cool, but overwhelming? Don't think I ever heard of Cabela's. Is it like a Bass Pro Shop? I hope you get sun back soon. I have to say, the weather here is delightful, but the shortening days are noticeable for me :(

Cyndy Brown said...

Poor Steve...but at least you found a dentist. We were in Montana years back and I came up with a serious cold. The B & B we were staying in referred me to the local Dr., who was also the veterinarian!

Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

Poor Steve! But the campground made up for it all!

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