Scenic Road to Valdez...

Being as we have some time before our commitments in the Anchorage area and knowing that once those commitments are done, we'll be in going home mode, we have headed to Valdez.

The glaciers were everywhere. We were in continuous awe. This was the scenery we expected Alaska to show us. We were very delighted.

We turned south on Richardson Highway, the State's oldest.
Decisions, decisions...
This is today's Only in Alaska. Immediately after turning right, we found this roadside business. Merv is a mobile ammo salesman, note his store to the left. Actually, looking at all the hunters' vehicles parked along the roadway, I bet business was exploding. Wild.

In 1896, discoveries near Canada's Klondike River precipitated the region's greatest gold rush. Most stampeders reached the district via a largely Canadian route leading from the southeast Alaskan community of Dyea through Chilkoot Pass. Many American participants, however objected to foreign control of that transportation corridor. In response, the US government agreed to construct an alternate trail, leading from Prince William Sound into the Yukon Basin. The Valdez Trail provided the first overland access to much of interior Alaska and played a major role in its subsequent development. A closing thrust in a period of pioneer American trail building, the Valdez Trail channeled people, freight, and mail into the region, promoting mining activity, aiding the development of supporting industries, and hastening the settlement of the Copper, Yukon, and Tanana River Valleys. Cool stuff everywhere!

Our home will be the seaside town of Valdez for the next three nights. We're looking forward to knowing more and experiencing all it has to offer (we've heard great things).

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Cyndy Brown said...

Unbelievable glaciers. On our trip to Alaska we didn't have the chance to go farther inland. Glad you sent the pics.

Karen Booth said...

I guess glaciers for you are like castles for me. There are never too many!

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