Wildfires and the Beach...

By the time the day ended, it seemed as if most of SoCal was ablaze. With triple digit temperatures and fierce winds, it is already fire season here.

The Poinsettia Fire has done the most structural damage and was ever-present during our seashore sojourn. It did not stop us from enjoying our beach time, however.
After frolicking by the sea, we met up with Brady at her new, adorable digs.
We ate at a delicious, 'unauthentic' Mexican place called Bull Taco. It's almost as famous for the mural, on the outside wall that keeps changing, as its unique menu. This mural is a collaboration between LittlePces & Kris Markovich. The result is a colorful, skate, graffiti artwork that is very photogenic.
Each reconnect with friends feels way too brief but we're happy to have whatever amount of time we can get (especially if it's at the beach).

 "On the beach, you can live in bliss."
-Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys

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