3 AM Road Trip Day...

Our week will be spent in the glorious sunshine of SoCal. We delayed our departure until today, and needing to be there for dinner with David and Karen, we headed out in the dark.

There is something almost surreal about the quiteness of the lonely road and the huge shadows proving the sun has risen. I love this time of day.
Some things just make me smile!
A visit to David and Karen's demands a visit to their vines!

Dinner was at the most unique place, The Yellow Deli. "Long ago in the old village of Vista an idea sprouted… Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place in this unusually quiet and uncrowded part of Southern California for a pleasant place where we could meet friends and serve good food…" Sitting on the patio, dining on delicious sandwiches and reconnecting with these friends, it was definitely nice.

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