First Bear of the Season...

In March, South Tahoe Refuse changed garbage and recycling pick up times for all customers. This was awesome news because the new time, 7 AM, gave us a chance to get up and get our trash to the curb at a reasonable hour. Historically, the bears would 'hunt' in the middle of the night. However, today, this smart critter was out at 7 AM devouring the neighborhood trash. This series of photos is adorable even though we were practicing adverse conditioning with an air horn.

"Maybe if I hide behind this tree, no one will see me." While cute, it is alarming that he is out during the day. The Bear League will be notified.

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Jenny Anderson-Sweatt said...

Love the photos. Good job with the airhorn! Bear watching is more fun than bear scaring...but best to encourage him along. Sounds like a neighborhood garbage patrol is needed.

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