Standup Paddle Race Fans...

We got a call from our friend, Bill, who was about to begin the first Wednesday night Standup Paddle Race Series at Lakeview Commons, and asked if we wanted to come watch him and his daughter, Jannie compete. Heck ya!

We were excited to be spectators for our very first Standup Paddle race.
Sixty-one racers, some from as far away as Hawaii, braved the brisk water for this incredible night on the Lake.

 The course was surprisingly long and competitive.

 Bill and Jannie made a great paddling team!
It's not even June and we found ourselves lakeside, enjoying a beach sunset. Could this be our new Wednesday night tradition? Lake Tahoe continues to surprise us with all its treasures.

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Nickanddeb Bako said...

Looks like the weather is getting nice there! What a fun event!

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