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We headed South on Highway 49, a region of quaint bed and breakfasts, shops lining historic main streets, award winning wineries, fine restaurants, antique and gift shops, art galleries, golf courses, unlimited recreation and the chance to travel back in time...

First stop was Amador City. This quaint town was founded in 1863. Historically located in a rich gold bearing area in the Motherlode of California. In 1848-1849, an unknown creek was prospected by a wealthy rancher and soldier, named Jose Maria Amador. There were no known settlements until 1851.

We had learned of Pig Turd Alley while listening to Gary Noy's presentation and had to see it in person.

This was the first cemetery, we have visited, that gave an explanation of the life and death of the decedent.
Sutter Creek, the jewel of Amador County and the Gold Country,  is steeped in history, being born of the California Gold Rush and nurtured by the deep rock gold mines of the 19th and 20th centuries.
We came for the 'Trash to Treasures' event. A once-a-year happening where the streets are lined with items for sale... truly something for everyone.
This was an old Shell Gas Station that seemed suspended in time, and junk.
And there was dancing in the streets.
Columbia was our ultimate destination for today. Located in the heart of the California Mother Lode, Columbia State Historic Park is a living gold rush town featuring the largest single collection of existing gold rush-era structures in the state. Visiting Columbia was like traveling back in time to the sights, smells, and sounds of a nineteenth century mining town—merchants dressed in 1850′s attire, a whiff of coal smoke from the blacksmith shop, and the rumble of a stagecoach pulling into town!

We sidled up to the bar for some sarsaparilla.
After touring the town, we visited the history museum and learned more about how Columbia came to be. These unique rocks were the result of hydraulic mining. This stop was well worth the drive through rolling vistas and darling villages.

Home for campsite memories and the day was complete!

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