Measure L... Saving Our Library

When we were looking for a place to settle, our criteria included many things, one of the more important items was a library. I am pretty devoted, as you know, to our local South Lake Tahoe Library.

Politics is one of my six things I prefer not to discuss but to me, voting to continue funding our library isn't politics, it's common sense.
I believe in voting YES on Measure L so strongly, that I am quoted on the mailer that went out to the residences in our community.

In addition, Kay Henderson, the President of the Committee for the South Lake Tahoe Library-Measure L, and I hit the airwaves. First with KOWL/KRLT's Paul Middlebrook.
Then with the funnest radio host and huge library supporter, Howie Nave. Watch the video below to learn more. And if you're a SLT resident, vote Yes on Measure L.

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