Vikingsholm ADA Escorts...

This will be our third year of volunteering with the California Parks Department and nothing says SUMMER quite like being at Vikingsholm Castle, seeing the old gang and sharing the magic of Emerald Bay with someone who would not normally be able to be in and amongst it all.

This is truly one of our favorite spots and there are only two ways to arrive here, one is a pretty steep hike or the other, if you are so lucky, is to come by private boat. For many, those two options are not physically or financially viable, so the California Parks Department offers an Americans with Disabilities Act compliant Escort service.
Oh yes, I am a treehugger. Who wouldn't want to love on this old growth Ponderosa Pine? 
The rest of our evening was spent, fireside, with our across-the-street friends Mike and Janet.

"Because it’s summer and the memories
are just waiting to happen."

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