Randsburg: A Living Ghost Town

Just one mile off Highway 395, but more than a hundred years in the past, is where we found this slice of history- the mining town of Randsburg.

We arrived too early on a Sunday morning to actually meet the residents, but we meandered its well preserved main street, peeking into windows for a glimpse of its heyday.

Gold was discovered at Rand Mine near the site in 1895 and a mining camp quickly formed. By 1897, Randsburg was a boomtown of almost 4,000 people. The same year, three separate fires destroyed most of the original town, but some of the $60 million dollars in gold profits quickly rebuilt it.

The town does not look much different than it did in the past and we plan to return to meet the 'characters' that call this place home.
Then as we were heading north to Tahoe, I received a text from our friends, Barb and Dave, who were heading south from Tahoe. After passing one another, doing a u-turn, and parking alongside the highway, we got a chance to catch up a bit. How fun is that?! Timing is everything.  Great end to a great trip.

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