Biking Riding Through Folsom...

Steve and I spent our Christmas money on new bikes and today was my first day riding mine. I love it and this town was the perfect place to 'break it in'.

We headed out on the Lake Natoma Loop off of the American River Parkway Bike Trail. It could not have been more scenic.
 Yellow irises were blooming everywhere.

 Sweet Peas lined our path.

Our path took us through historic downtown, which was pretty amazing. Previously named the New Western Hotel, the Folsom Hotel was built for a cost of $7000 in 1883.
Folsom Powerhouse State Historic Park was a very interesting stop. Ranger Stacy, in the Visitor Center, spent a great deal of time explaining the importance of this place in California's history.
The 1895 plant, one of the oldest hydroelectric facilities in the world, was one of the nations first power systems to provide high-voltage alternating current over long-distance transmission lines. Its significance has earned it a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

While I didn't fully understand the workings of a Powerhouse, the history was intriguing and we left happy we stopped.
Folsom is surprisingly full of nature. This rattlesnake crossed our bike path. Jenny suggested that I get closer to take a better photo. I used my telephoto lens.
We saw Wild Turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) everywhere! After becoming extinct, they were reintroduced in 1877 and their population seems to have gone crazy, especially here in Folsom!

At one stop on our Garage Sale tour, we were given a bottle of Common Cider Co's Hibiscus Saison by Danee, the company's PR gal.
At the end of our day, we gathered our delicious cider and Bananagrams for relaxation by the pool. I love the diverseness of our days. I'm really enjoying this foray to Folsom.

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