A Boy, Waterfalls, An Indian Princess & Snow...

Wow, what a day! It began with our boy surprising me by arriving at midnight for the Mother's Day weekend.

The boys went on a long bike ride to Fallen Leaf Lake and beyond.
It was the perfect morning to be out and about in the Sierras.

While they rode, I attended our AAUW Interbranch luncheon with Sarah Winnemucca.
Dianna Maria de Borges performed a 45 minute Chautauqua rendition of Sarah, the educator and translator who was also a mediator between her Paiute culture and the dominant white culture. She was mesmerizing.
Dianna shared a first edition of Sarah's book: Life Among the Piutes, Their Wrongs and Claims . This publication made her the first American Indian to publish a book in the English Language and is why we know so much about her incredible life. This presentation was an amazing way to spend a Saturday.
As we had dinner at Base Camp Pizza, in Heavenly Village, the snow came. This was so wild and fun. 
It's hard to believe all of these images were taken within six hours of one another!  The saying here is, "If you don't like the weather in Tahoe, wait five minutes!" Great, great day!

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Jenny Anderson-Sweatt said...

Wow!::the snow actually stuck there. Love that the microphone is topped with snow too. Really fun weather.

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