Wildflower Talk at the Library...

A Summer constant in our library programming is a presentation by the engaging and informative, Roger Rosenberger.

Tonight's presentation was extra special... a double-header if you will. We began with Roger, the wildflower photographer extraordinaire, who shared the current season of wildflowers in vivid photographs and imparted advice on how to take our own breathtaking images. Roger was joined by Julie Carville, who launched her newest book, Tahoe’s Spectacular Wildflower Trails. 


Julie's passion for wildflowers and all things nature was infectious. She shared her book, which was written to educate and guide the reader along Tahoe’s trails and deeply into the wonders and stories of Sierra plants. "Clear trail descriptions and rich natural history will open a world of discovery. An essential trail companion for naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts." What a very cool evening with some very cool people. After tonight, I feel the need to get out in it all and discover the spectacular nature in our own backyard.

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