Bijou Bash Neighborhood Gathering

Each Summer, Steve and I host a potluck in our front yard. Those in our neighborhood, with whom we have a connection, are invited. 

Oh man, I was having so much fun I didn't get photos of everyone- so not like me (sorry Gene & Joanne, Carl & Kathy, Mike & Margo, and Scott & Kathy).
When we have new neighbors I invite them because this gathering showcases the best people of our Bijou Pines neighborhood. Martha and Jim (center) had recently moved here from Texas. I was so excited to see them walk down the street to join us.

One of the Bash bests is the fact that Joe and Deborah (my left) attend each year. They are the people who owned the cabin before us. We give them full credit for our move to Tahoe. Had they not created such a welcoming environment with all the work they put into the cabin, we wouldn't have fallen in love with it.

"Old friends are the great blessing of one's later years...
They have a memory of the same events and have the same mode of thinking."
-Horace Walpole

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Deborah Sherry said...

Thank you so much for hosting such a great event. We are so happy that our beloved cabin is now owned by such wonderful people. We love to come back every year and see all your improvements and reconnect with our old neighbors. Thanks again!

Karen Booth said...

Oh man, this post left me longing for cake! Glad you had another great bash.

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