Tony Rowell: Astrophotographer

Some people share their life story and it almost seems so amazing it can't possibly be real. Tony is one such person.

Friends of the Library are very excited to host Tony Rowell, presenting his new book, Sierra Starlight. Tony has assembled an ambitious collection of nightscape photographs interspersed with facts and reflections on the landscape, as well as anecdotes about how some of his most awe-inspiring shots were captured. 

Tony will share his photos and talk about his experiences trekking through the Sierra Nevada and compiling this photo journal. Tony’s award-winning astrophotography has been published in books, calendars, and magazines, as well as exhibited all across California, and his astro time-lapse videos have been featured on the National Geographic Channel and NASA’s website. He is enthusiastic about discussing his love of astrophotography and the Sierra landscape with communities of readers, photographers, and nature-lovers who share in these passions.
Tony is the very talented son of Galen Avery Rowell (1940 –2002), a wilderness photographer, adventure photojournalist and climber. He began his presentation with his father's exceptional life story and spectacular photographs.
I loved this one because it is of a much younger Tony.
He shared his father's travels, accomplishments and his techniques for capturing exceptional images, including Rainbow Over the Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet. Wow.
Tony then shared his images and techniques. Numerous exclamations of "Wow" and "Awesome" could be heard. He is an exceptional photographer who has captured images that are truly breathtaking. What an experience to see his works. We were a captivated audience.
"When we tune in to an especially human way of viewing the landscape powerfully, it resonates with an audience."
-Galen Rowell

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