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First off, I am extremely non-political and I am not endorsing any candidate by any means. I'm just sharing the happenings around us and the big news today is that Donald Trump was here doing a fundraising dinner for the Nevada Republicans. Regardless of how one feels about either candidate, when a candidate comes to your town it is news.

Wanting to catch a glimpse, we headed to Harrah's where the $200 a plate dinner was being held. The security was intense and there was a feeling of anticipatory excitement along the caution tape.

We had to leave before spotting Mr. Trump but a friend, who was at the event, sent me a photo. The press was forbidden to attend so this is a pretty cool insider image.
Our destination for the night was the park in Minden, NV for the season's last GE Concert Series performance by the rocking band- Foreigner Unauthorized.

They played and we danced to all our favorites from the amazing 80s. What a total blast which made us realize that summer is still alive and well!
And as we passed the Nevada border heading home, we paused at a red light and got the other political view, contrasting from the start of our evening. America is a wonderful place where everyone can share their political opinions and we were privileged to witness that tonight.

“We in America do not have government by the majority.
We have government by the majority who participate.”
― Thomas Jefferson

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Nesbit Library rocks! said...

Our son-in-law worked security for this event (and will for Obama coming this week) and told us that the extra security person-hours (65 overtime hours) are paid for by the host town. That's quite a financial burden...

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