Monterey Bay Aquarium...

It has been years since we've explored the aquarium. How can you not love a place whose mission is to inspire conservation of the ocean?

We began our day with a history lesson all about canning. The swift expansion of the Monterey fishing industry at the turn of the century gave birth to the fish canning industry and the street that would become Cannery Row. The first major cannery was the Pacific Fish Company, born in 1908. Fishing was wildly successful and the area prospered. After World War II however, the sardines disappeared from Monterey Bay and brought economic disaster to Cannery Row. It wasn't resurrected until 1968 when two Monterey restaurant managers, with strong family ties to the fishing industry, halted the decay thus ensuring it would forever remain a place that paid tribute to the many cultures who had made it world famous.
Armed with knowledge of what came before us, we ventured to explore all the exhibits within the aquarium, spending hours meandering throughout.

Some of my favorites are the Jellies. They don't have bones, brains, teeth, blood or fins—and they're more than 95 percent water and yet they thrive in the world's ocean, and to its darkest depths. Jellies are strange and beautiful, making them one of the Aquarium's (and my) all-time favorite animals. They are mesmerizing, too.

The shorebirds were majestic and the penguins were a hoot to watch.

We even spent time observing life on the Bay. The otters playing in the kelp were a delight to watch.
The sea, once it casts its spell,
holds one in its net of wonder forever.
-Jacques Cousteau

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Aquí Ahí Allá said...

I love aquariums. I have yet to go to Monterrey. But there isn't anything stopping me! From going one day at least, now school and work are stopping me.
I can't wait to retire. :)

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