Tuesday Part 1: The Farmer's Market

Tuesdays are special because of the diverse activities that happen on this day. We began by delighting in Sunflowers and so much more at the Farmers' Market.

Certified Farmers' Market - Tuesdays
8AM - 1 PM
2732 South Lake Tahoe Blvd (Hwy 50)

The colors almost overpower one's senses. What a palette!

During my neighbor Jackie's month long Sierra Sojourn, a must for her is visiting Toscano Family Farm's produce booth. It truly is a tradition. The market is a who's who of Tahoe people. It is community.

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Karen Booth said...

Beautiful, beautiful!!! Why don't we see photos from there more often? Happy to see Jackie is still making it up to Tahoe in the summer.

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