Two Nights at Valhalla Tahoe...

We found ourselves on the Lake's edge two nights in a row... definitely not a bad place to be!

For our last event in the Boathouse, for the season, we chose Molly's Revenge.
Molly's Revenge is a dynamic, acoustic Celtic band known for its unique and infectious enthusiasm. The classic combination of bagpipes, whistle, and fiddle, with a backdrop of guitar, mandola, and bodhran guarantees an enjoyable experience for all fans of Scottish and Irish music. Molly's Revenge has performed at many of the top folk festivals and performing arts events in the USA, and prestigious events in Scotland, Australia and China. Their arrangements of traditional Celtic jigs and reels bring these dance tunes up to date with a driving, hard-edged accent that always leaves audiences shouting for more.
There exists no more beautiful concert setting than the historic boathouse.
While all three musicians were exceptional, there was something so unique and mesmerizing about David Brewer who was accomplished on Highland bagpipes, border pipes, uillean pipes, whistles, and bodhran (a shallow one-sided Irish drum typically played with a short two-headed drumstick). Wow!
Listening to these talented musicians, while watching the sun set was a pretty spectacular way to spend a Wednesday night. Irish word of the evening...Spleodar (SPLYO-dar) – Glee, joy, vivacity, exuberance PLAYFULNESS.
Tonight, we returned to Valhalla, this time for a private party hosted to honor us volunteers. What a special way to make us feel appreciated.
Evangeline was our 'boss' and was the one who made all the magic happen. She has given us such great opportunities and is a delight to work with.
The best part of any volunteerism is the quality of the people you get to be with. This is a group of exceptional individuals and we are honored to be a part of the Valhalla Tahoe team.
Those who can, do.
Those who can do more, volunteer.

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