We're in Charleston, South Carolina!

Nine states and 3,000+ miles later we are at our ultimate destination, Charleston!

This is where we are staying, an amazing one-bedroom duplex in the heart of downtown Charleston! This charming two-story home is located on a quiet one-way street, walking distance from everything and it is historic. Built in 1826 by Dr. William Lennox Kirkland, this historic building is totally renovated with today's comforts. This 500 sq. ft. apartment perfectly blends old world charm with modern amenities. For more photos and information click on its website.
After unloading the car, we went for a stroll, just to be out in it all. Oh man, what a great month this is going to be!

Dinner was graciously provided by our friend, Deb and her husband, Nick. Deb and I met when we were here the first time, in 2010. Our story can be read on this previous post. This was an amazing evening of reconnecting with her, meeting her sweet husband Nick, making plans and dining extremely well.

Deb believes in the saying, "Go big or go home!" Her hospitality and generosity are magnanimous and appreciated. A perfect first day in Charleston.

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For Travel's Sake said...

You made it! What a whirlwind of activities! I love your Airbnb find. It is pretty incredible. I can't wait to see for of the area! So far, so good. :)

Cyndy Brown said...

Wish I was there!

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