Kiawah Island: Beach Time

While historic Charleston is absolutely charming, sometimes one needs to get to the sea and today's destination was beyond idyllic.

And the view getting there was pretty exceptional, too.
In addition to the fact that Kiawah Island boasts ten miles of stunning beachfront, complete with breeze-blown sand dunes and waving sea grasses it, like everything here, has history.  In 1670, Cassique, chieftain of the Kiawah Indians, for whom the island is named, led English colonists to settle at Charlestowne Landing (Charleston). And the rest truly is "history".

We discovered many intriguing items on our beach combing adventure. Every few feet we came upon a jellyfish washed up on the shore and looking like gooey eyeballs with a stem (great description found online). These are the most common in the area and are known as the Cannonball Jelly. They don’t have tentacles and swimmers would have to go out of their way to be stung by these jellyfish (which are the least venomous of the state's jellies). Weird and cool all at the same time.
 To me, this photo screams "We're on Vacation!"
This photo needs describing. For those who know me well, they can probably guess what this is... It is the last photo my 'old' camera took! Yes, this is at least the third time I have destroyed a camera on a vacation. Today's fiasco happened as I set up my tripod to take an absolutely adorable photo of us, hand in hand, walking away, down the beach. Before the 10 second timer went off, we heard a noise. We turned to see my camera buried in the wet sand- beyond repair. So tomorrow's post will be images from my new Canon. Wish it luck.

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Karen Booth said...

OH, NO!!! A camera death :( At least you are somewhere where it won't be too hard to replace. Last time I went to Italia I took my old camera as backup. I was surprised to see the beach umbrella line-up with ten miles of beach. I guess some places are better than others. Maybe just better parking. The tree lined road -- always enchanting.

For Travel's Sake said...

Good luck, Canon, it is going to be a wild ride!
Were there crowds of people on the beach who witnessed the whole thing? That is what I am picturing. (Pun intended.)

Nick and Deb's Excellent Adventure said...

RIP old camera! I a sure the new one will be even better! So glad you got to spend the day there, the ride in is lovely and then the beach well you know how spectacular it is!

Jennifer Sweatt said...

Woops! Your camera had a great run. Not many have experienced such wonder.
The gull looks like a Laughing Gull - did you hear it laugh?

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