Art + Music= MAGICAL DAY

We have made some exceptional discoveries of things "not to miss" in Charleston. Tonight's was a doubleheader of pretty epic proportions: an art opening reception with cocktails and canapés; and a concert under the stars,viewed through fence bars! 

We began the night at the Vendue- Charleston's first and only hotel dedicated to the arts, in all forms. We were here for an installment which featured interesting and varied works of 22 alumni and faculty of the esteemed New York Academy of Art.
Look, by Carl Janes, is one of the permanent exhibits in the hotel and probably our favorite. What a nostalgic art piece, 37 View-masters just waiting to be looked into. I loved these as a kid and love them just as much today, after seeing Look.
Carl's bio reads like a surreal story, "Born on a submarine, moved on to a plane, and then walked the World to plant himself on the shifting sands of Folly Beach, South Carolina and establish a sense of Home. Visionary artist Carl Janes is based in Atlanta, Georgia and explores all mediums on all scales in his gyrating quest to the Bottom of the Center."
The images he chose to imprison behind the plexiglass left us intrigued. This one of a dinner with several guests looking at View-masters had us giggling. Each was a surprise and a treat.
Some of the guests were as colorful as the art displayed upon the walls.
There was something about Melanie Vote's Frog Ballet that made me smile. It was whimsical and a little unique.
The most impressive, to be certain, was Abraham Lincoln, a massive mixed media sculpture by Kazuhiro Tsuji.
Kazuhiro Tsuji is a contemporary hyper realist sculptor living and working in Los Angeles. After working 25 years as a special effects makeup artist in Hollywood, Kazu decisively shifted focus in 2008, dedicating himself full time to fine art sculpture. Using resin, platinum silicone, and many other materials, Kazu constructs three-dimensional portraits in a scale two times life size. He is a self taught pioneer in the craft of using contemporary materials to create the illusion of life.  Having discovered the art of special effects makeup for himself while perusing American magazines as a teenager, he developed skills through mimicry, trial and error. His work is unbelievable realistic and impressive. Look at Lincoln's ear hair!
After we absorbed as much art as we could, we moved back outside to the patio and discussed our good fortune for having found such an amazing event.
We then carried our Tahoe tradition of "poaching" down South as we watched the Old Crow Medicine Show perform through a 200 year old fence. This awesome six-piece band has won the enthusiastic support of every kind of bluegrass lover and we were not going to miss it- tickets or no tickets.
Old Crow Medicine Show was a phenomenally entertaining ensemble, perfectly suited for Charleston’s beautiful Cistern Yard stage, with its drooping Spanish moss and stately columns. I love this description for it, "Hear an exhilarating performance that is at once steeped in Southern tradition and wide-eyed vitality—a combination sure to create an unforgettable live-music experience."

When describing all the things we have done, while in Charleston, I find myself breathless. There will never be enough words to capture the magic and the memories. We have had an unforgettable adventure which continues for a few more days but will be fresh in our minds for years to come... Extraordinary!

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